Tuesday, February 22, 2005

computer illiterate blogger

Who actually reads blogs? Who really knows how to find blogs? Are some blogs better than others? I have so many questions, but I finally decided to just jump in with both hands on the key board. This is all just a trial run - an attempt to keep up with new technology and new fads. Maybe it will be a place to voice my opinion as if someone out there cares.

Years ago I attempted to chat in a chat room with folks that I thought would be "like me". It turned out to be a big mistake. While chatting with a woman, I mearly mentioned my opinion on a certain series of books. Then, if it is possible on a computer, she attacked me. Others joined in that were not even chatting with us. Chat police joined in to question me. The screen rolled by so fast, I could not keep up with what everyone was saying. With much patience I answered questions and supported my beliefs until there was only one person left in the chat room with me. It was the only chatter who had supported me. He wanted to question me further, but I was horrified by the whole process. I got out of the chat room and never went back.

Hopefully, blogging will turn out to be a better experience.

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Looks good. %)