Monday, January 15, 2018

Sick Week

Last Wednesday I went to Wal-Mart, which was a total mess. What I thought would be a quick get in and get your groceries, turned in to a hassle. All the quick lines were closed down and being replaced. Every other checker was up and working, but all were backed up five to seven shoppers deep. I had not been feeling great when I went, but by the time I got home I knew I was sick. I got in my comfy clothes and curled up in my recliner. And there I have been for what seems like forever.

My sister came to see me on Thursday. She sat on the couch and I sat in my recliner. We had dogs and blankets piled on us and we just chatted. It was a good visit, but not very exciting. She left on Friday. I continued to sit in my recliner.

Saturday afternoon, I dragged my self up and got dressed to go to my art show. I was feeling better, but not great. I had been fever free for about 24 hours, so I thought I was safe to go. It was a good party and I did fine, except I got really tired. It was back to my recliner for some more rest on Sunday.  Jesse came in for the show, since she had some art work in it. It was fun to have her and Lindz around - The dynamic duo - life of the party.

Jesse stayed around all day Sunday, since she had MLK Day off.  Sunday evening, we were sitting down to watch a movie, when Toby got a call that his mom had fallen. She is okay, but at the time, she had a cut on her head and was bleeding lots. They took her to the emergency room in WF.  Toby headed over to be with her. Jesse and I watched our movie.  Toby did not get home until midnight. His mom did not have any broken bones this time, but did have the gash and black-eye and sore body.  She is so very tiny and frail. It was a bit scary for us all.

GBN1 attended a youth banquet on Friday night. Here she is all dressed up. I was sorry that I did not get to babysit the boys and see her before she left for the banquet. She is beautiful, but then I am partial.

Monday, January 08, 2018

Back in the Data Again

Yes, we  have data again and I don't feel guilty for using it to blog. Toward the end of the month, we start getting notices on how much data we have used. With the cold/icy weather over the New Year, Toby and I used up too much data. We can still have data, but it is extremely slow. I can live with that, but it makes me a bit fretful for some reason. It is always a good feeling when you are back in the data.

While we were frozen in and staying by the warm fire, Toby and I made some hand-built pottery pieces. I made two little village candle holders - I made little buildings in a round open vessel for a candle. The flame will show through the windows of the little buildings. Okay, okay, I'll get a photo.
 Toby made a coffee mug with his brand on it. Then we made butter dishes. Our friend, Frank, gave Toby a pattern for a butter dish. Toby used Frank's pattern, but made it slightly larger for a pound of butter. Being independent minded, I chose to make my own butter dish, my way. I made an enclosed box and then cut the box in two pieces - the lid and the bottom. Then I decorated the lid and put a handle on it. When I was all finished and letting it harden, Toby said, "Why did you put the handle on the bottom?" What!?  Sure enough! At some point in working on the butter dish, I got it turned over. The lid should have been the big part, but I had gotten it upside down and put the handle on it. It made me LOL. Now it is not a butter dish, but a treasure chest.

As if I needed more stuff to do, I have signed up for the ceramics continuing ed course at MSU in Wichita Falls on Monday nights.  Jesse has been taking this class since she graduated from MSU. It allows her to use the ceramics studio and all the supplies for a reasonable if not small fee. Jesse has suggested I take the class several times. I have thought about it lots. This seemed like a good time to go ahead and sign up.  I can go to WF and get errands done and do ceramics. Sometimes I will spend the night with Jesse. It will give me lots more knowledge of ceramics, lots of practice, and as Jesse said, "It is a good investment." My reason for doing it - time with Jesse.

One other interesting tidbit. The neighbor's potbellied pig has been coming over to eat dog food. She is a cute little thing. She will let me pet her. Sometimes she sits out front in the sun. When she is ready, she goes home. The dogs could care less, unless she tries to get in their dog house. Miss Piggy

Tuesday, January 02, 2018


Christmas was not as planned, but it turned out well. Toby’s mom was not feeling well, and we decided not to get her out and in the cold weather. Instead, Toby and I went by to see the grandkids early Christmas morning before heading to Burk where we met his sister to have lunch with his mom and spend some time with her. Then Toby and I went to my little brother’s house where my older brother and his wife were gathered. We cooked steak on the grill. We played some pickle ball outside, which was like tennis/ping-pong in the driveway, and we played some inside games too. It was quite nice.  I did miss Jesse and her smiling face.  She was in CO with cousins having lots of fun.

New Year’s was not exciting, but that is not unusual. Toby and I stayed up to watch a movie, "King Arthur", with our dog family.  We made it til 11 PM before saying Happy New Year to each other and going to bed.

It was the weather that made things interesting, or not. It was extremely cold with temps in the low teens. The wind was blowing hard from the north making it feel even colder. We kept the fire burning and did lots of sitting in our recliners with dogs and blankets piled on us. It was really nice. When we did get bored, we did some art. Yep, Toby did art with me. I made two little village candle holders. Toby tried making a butter dish from a pattern given to him by our friend and potter, Frank. I made a butter dish too, but I made it from making a box and cutting into it. My box turned out nice, but after it was all done, I realized that I had made the lid on the wrong part of the box. So now it is just a nice box and not necessarily a butter dish. It was fun.

As for New Year resolutions, Jesse and I discussed the usual resolutions - do better physically and spiritually, but also to be more organized – to be more productive. This is not just in art, but in all sorts of things that need to be done in our life. Earlier this week I started a new diet. I hope to stay with it. I could go into a rant here about diets and weight and eating right, but it has all been said and done. I just keep at it. What else can I do? 

With all this staying home, we ran out of data last night meaning our phones have slowed down. It is only for a day or so. It’s not really a problem. Maybe it is a good way to start the New Year – less time on the Internet!

I had so much time on my hands with all this cold weather, I decided to put my Christmas decorations up. Yay! I gotter done before February.

I'd like to post pictures with this post, but the internet is just too slow at this point. I will add them later. Sorry.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Christmas After All.

For all of my busy-ness, I did not put up my Christmas decorations until yesterday. And I didn't want to do it then.

Turns out that Toby's mom, his sister, and his nephew are coming here for Christmas. Having them here will be great. Decorating for Christmas - not so much. I had thought we were not having a Christmas this year what with Jesse heading to CO and my family being weirdos. I was just getting used to the idea of just Toby and me, but no. Now we will make dinner and have guests. I guess the grand-kids can come too.
Here is the little village that I painted for my mom and dad - I painted one building a year for years. They always displayed them on the buffet. It is kind of nice to have them.

Speaking of grand-kids. I went to see Star Wars with the GGs on Sunday afternoon. I sat next to GBN1. She is 13 years old, ya know. Sitting next to her was a treat. She was so excited through the whole movie. At one point, she took my hand to feel her heart, which she said was pounding. Such a nerd! I love her.

This Thursday I am doing a little watercolor Christmas card thang for the CTAC. I need to prepare.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

A Woman on a Mission

Wowzers! I got so much done yesterday.  I was like a woman on a mission.  Well, I don't have my Christmas stuff up yet, but maybe I'll get it done. Maybe not. Anyway, like Santa Claus, I made a list and stuck to it to get lots done.

My old friend Kathleen had commissioned me to do a pastel of her family's cabin in RR. Then she asked me to do a little watercolor of the cabin for her cousin. So I did both. I got the cabin done months ago and finally got the watercolor done in November. Packaging and shipping them was my next hurdle.  Being the great procrastinator, all this took me some time. I had saved some boxes from my recent art supply purchases - frames from Art to Frames - the box was perfect for shipping a framed painting - duh. I messaged Kathleen to get her address for shipping. She used FB messenger to pay me. How cool was that! I need to keep up with these new fangled tech stuff. The watercolor:

Also on my list was getting my paintings, as well as Jesse's art, to the Chisholm Trail Arts Council for the upcoming faculty show. I had already framed some watercolors for the show, but I needed to make tags - name, title, medium, etc - for the back of each painting. I also had to make out an inventory list of both my work and Jesse's. Then I loaded it all in the car.

Another to-do on my list was getting the ITBS tests in the mail to be graded.  Earlier this week I gave the ITBS test to four young men. I love having boys in the house. We did two days (mornings really) of testing. It is not difficult to do the testing - just time consuming. After the tests, I made sure there were no stray marks in the booklets and that they filled out the name stuff on the answer sheets correctly - all so that the tests can be graded accurately. Then I have to fill out some tester/teacher stuff and get it mailed back to Bob Jones University.

Since I was mailing stuff, I thought it would be a great time to send my SIL one of the snowmen I had painted. I have painted so many and I needed to get rid of some. Plus my SIL is a good egg and sends me lots of little things - very considerate and sweet.  Considerate and sweet are not my strong points, so when somebody else is amazing, I need to take note. Example: Robin Egg and her hubby came over to eat dinner Tuesday night and watch NCIS with us. After they left I told Toby, "Gee, I didn't even offer them coffee." Toby said, "Yeah, you even made them get their own tea."

Anyway, I got everything loaded into the car and went to town. We have a place called Southern Box that does UPS and FedX stuff.  I shipped my paintings to Kathleen and my tests to BJU. I had thought that I was going to have to go to the post office to send my snowman to my SIL, since I needed to buy a large padded envelope. But no, Southern Box took care of everything! Then I headed over to drop off artwork at the CTAC where I also made plans to do a little Christmas watercolor card party next week. It's always good to keep your foot in the door with the local art world.

I had so much time on my hands before meeting Toby for lunch, that I got my oil changed,too.  After lunch with Toby, I did my Wal-Mart shopping. Then I dropped by Viridian Coffee to purchase some coffee gifts for my relatives' Christmas gifts. That was a lot of my Christmas shopping done with one swoop.

I admit that when I got home from town, I took a nap. But I also did a bit of watercolor and got ready for church.  It was a very productive day.  I wish all my days were more so.

Monday, December 11, 2017

It's a Deal

After much stress, we got a contract on Mom's house. It is not much different than what the title guy said to do. We just had to throw the idea around in our heads for a bit and talk to the buyer some, and PRESTO! It was done. I am so ready to sign the deal and be done. Will I miss Mom's old house? Nope.

I am on to getting Jesse ready for the art show. I picked up several of her newer ceramic pieces at her house and brought them home so I could get them to the show. I like them. They are thrown on the wheel with some hand-built parts as well. I wrote a little bio for Jes. The things I do for that girl! These are wood-fired. The buffalo is a wall hanging.

We had Mr. T's 5th birthday. He was pretty cute. The first gift he opened was a little lego set from his Aunt Jes. He was thrilled and he hugged her and was all that was gracious. The next several gifts were not as exciting. He was certainly not so thankful and huggy.

Maybe it was the opening of the gifts that was more exciting than the actual gift. His parents gave him a Bible with his name on the cover. He opened the gift and said, "Oh, it's just a Bible." and he moved on. His dad asked him to read what was on the cover. T said, "Holy Bible." It was not so important to him that his name was on it. Pretty funny!  We gave him a little Casio piano. It was a hit. Anything electric that makes noise is usually a hit.  There were a few scuffles between Mr. T and his younger brother. All in all, it was an exciting evening.

We went to Aunt Mildred's funeral. It was good to see my cousins again, but there is beginning to be less and less to keep us together. Now we will have to make a real effort.  I hope we can do it and not lose touch. 

I am hoping my siblings will come for the closing on Mom's house. It is set for her birthday in December. Hopefully we can have a party and celebrate the end of the business part and enjoy time together.