Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Senior Show and Kites

Fall is finally here, and the weather is beginning to cooperate. Today I have the windows open, and it is very nice outside.

We got a bit of a storm on Sunday afternoon. It had been still and hot all day - downright miserable outside! The GGs came over bringing their kite to fly. They were disappointed that there was no wind to be had. So, I got the four-wheeler and let them drive around the pasture. They are finally old enough to ride without me. I don't mind riding them around, but it was hot, and my allergies have been off the chart. About the time they got bored with the four-wheeler, it started getting dark to the north of us. Then a big wind came up. Rather than running for the house, the GGs begged to fly the kite. After all, the lightning was still off in the distance. So we got out the kite. It flew great! The GGs laughed and were very silly especially when the whale kite would take a dive into the sea of grass. Here are some pics. This last one was taken just as big drops of rain started to splatter us. Notice how dark it was. Bo was helping the girls real in the whale. Then the heavens opened up and the rain fell. Hallelujah!

I also have some photos from Jesse's senior show. Her friends Lindz and Kat were there too. It was a good show, and she got lots of attention - probably due to the newspaper article or maybe the white dress she was wearing.
 Here is my favorite coyote and mouse - the coyote's whiskers wiggle as do the hands of the mouse.  Click on link to see video of tail.
 Here is her birds and prairie dog. The raccoon pinching the turtle's wiggling tail was a favorite.
Here is the rabbit with moveable ears and the rabbit with a wiggling tail. You can see her prints behind the rabbit sculptures.
One of the favorite prints is to the left of the rabbit sculpture. This print is called "Do You See What I Hear?"

After the show, we went to my mom's for pizza and beer. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Abigail Portrait

The cool temps we had last week were so nice. I soaked in as much cool as I could. Yesterday and today have been hot and humid. I guess I'm not so cool after all.  I'm thankful that the temps are not in the three digits, but the 90's and humidity are killin' me. Yesterday I kept the GGs and Mr. T. for a couple of hours. They like to play outside, but to me, it was just too hot. We did sit outside on the patio in the shade. It was probably not very exciting for them, nor for the cats.

Today I did a bit of watercolor painting. You know how I want to paint portraits in watercolor, but I have not mastered it yet. Actually I have not mastered anything yet. That's okay; I keep trying. This a portrait of Abigail.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Times and Record News

Jesse made the Wichita Falls Times and Record News. This past weekend WF had a "Stroll and Roll" to the local art galleries including Midwestern's student gallery.  The town provided trolleys to the art galleries and the galleries were free.  Jesse and the other two seniors took turns at the MSU gallery showing their work. All the work is good. One of the art professors said it was the best senior show in years. Of course, I'm a bit partial to Jesse's work. The truth is that her work is just fun. Her work is something that people can relate to and that is why it got the big write-up.  Collin's work is very good too. Her prints and ceramics are fun, but maybe not as fun as Jesse's mechanical ceramics. Shawn's work is very good, but it is "different" - maybe a bit "dark" for some people. I can appreciate it, because I know the work he put into it, but it is not "comfortable" art. Anyway, I think all three seniors did an amazing job, and I'm proud of all three. Well, I'm the pretty darn proud of Jesse.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Roof, House, Heat

Sometimes I dream of the old Green Mountain Lodge in Red River. In my dreams I see it alone - not being used as a lodge, yet still the same as it was back in the day. I want to buy it and open it up again, but for some reason I can't. I'm not sure what the dream means, but probably that I would like to go back to those simple days of childhood.  Maybe I don't really want to go back to those days, but I do like the memories.

The work on my house is coming along. I took this photo yesterday of the inside. You can see daylight through the ceiling. By the end of the day, the roof was on. There is a chance of rain today - getting the roof on yesterday was important. Toby found something wrong with the way it was done, so I expect there will be some work on that today. It should not be a big deal. You can see by the photo that there is much to do - inside and out.

The weather is supposed to be cooler today. That should be pleasant for everyone. I'm very tired of being hot, although part of the problem has nothing to do with the weather. The hot weather does not help with my heat problems. It's the February and Augusts of my life!

Monday, September 08, 2014


The baby shower went off without a hitch yesterday afternoon. Jesse and I worked all day Saturday on food and decorations for the shower. Lindz came over and helped us. It was fun having her here to visit with and enjoy. Whenever she and Jesse get together, there will be lots of laughter. We finished decorating for the shower around 7 PM with Toby's help. Then we went out to eat. It made for a nice way to end the day. Since we are talking showers here today, I should mention that we got some pretty good showers - rained all day Saturday. Yep, just pull your roof off, and it will rain for sure. The house was pretty well covered and did not get wet.  The storeroom was not covered so well and things did get wet. Sigh.

Sunday we arrived at the church building early to do some finish work for the shower. The shower was set for after church. By the time we got home, it was 3 PM. Not bad. I think everyone had a great time. Mr. T was pretty silly. I let him get the vacuum cleaner out at the end of the shower. For some reason, he loves to push a vacuum cleaner. He managed to get the cord around a table leg and could not push the vacuum. So he was pushing with all his little might and hollering, "I'm stuck!" Pretty funny!

Speaking of Mr. T, we got him a new bike. It has no pedals and is meant to teach balance. He loved it.


Friday, September 05, 2014

Still Wanting Fall

Yesterday I looked through the fall Cabela's women's catalog. I am so ready for fall.  When I told Toby, he said, "So you want to buy house-shoes?"  That's right! And long-sleeve flannel shirts too. You can take this girl out of the mountains, but you can't take the mountains out of this girl. I am longing for cool air. Mountains would be nice too.

The Boys have been tearing up my house since Tuesday. Today they will put up new trusses. Since a cold front is coming through tonight (temps will be in the 80's - yeha) and bringing possible storms, they may only do a small part of the roof and then cover it again in case of rain. Yep, the only reason we are tearing off the roof is because we need the rain. I's kind of like washing your car causes a sure rain.

Jesse and I are putting on a baby shower on Sunday afternoon. It is keeping me busy this week. I've been making tissue paper pom-poms for decorations. I've been to the town twice to buy more tissue paper. Then last night on the phone Jesse talks about changing the color.

I also baked a pear pie yesterday. One of Toby's coworkers had a death in her family, and he wanted to take something to her today. The coworker actually lost her 35 year old son. The woman is devastated. It is so very sad when a young person dies.

Speaking of the young dieing, you may have read about the small plane crash in CO this past week. A woman and her three sons were killed. Turns out that I knew the woman. She was the niece of my best friends in NM. I had met Tori years ago. I've stayed in her parent's home.  She was a beautiful young girl then. I can't imagine how sad the family must be.  My prayers go out to them.