Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Rolling into Fall

Life has been rolling along here in OK - nothing exciting. The weather has improved a bit. We have had some great days in the 70's with lots of sunshine. I love those days. They remind me of our days in South America especially Ecuador. The temps there are very pleasant getting down in the 40's at night and up in the 70's by day - 80's were getting warm there. Yesterday it got into the 80's here. I can live with that, but with my old lady thang, 80's are a bit warm especially when I'm out on the campaign trail. We walked our butts off yesterday hanging flyers on doors in Lawton, and it was rather warm. Sweat poured off my body. The good news is that my weight is down today. If I just did that every day, I'd waste away.
Mr T is doing well. He is a busy boy. He is learning American Sign Language as did his older sisters.  He is just pretty darn good at his signing.  He loves to watch "Signing Time"  and will climb the book case to get to the DVD and then put it in the player. One day he was trying to sign something, but his hands were full. Toby said, "It's difficult to sign with your hands full." I replied, "Or with your mouth full." That was for Gene.

Mr T also loves to sweep or rake. In this photo he is wearing his sister's bike helmet - backwards. I love his little tongue sticking out as he works. He is a happy kid. This weekend is our church camp. We are taking the GGs and the tent and spending the night. Yikes!  Mr T is not supposed to stay the night with us, but I bet he will want to stay with us in the tent. It could be a wild time.

Today I am headed to WF to the Empty Bowls event. I'm gonna pick me out a bowl and eat some soup.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

What Happened to Fall?

We purposely built our home with lots of south facing windows. It's a New Mexico thang - using solar energy. In the summer the sun is high in the sky, so the eave blocks direct sunlight from heating the house during the hottest parts of the day. We also put the carport on the west side of the house to  block the sun during the hottest part of the day. We put the patio on the east side (partially covered) to enjoy the shade in the evenings. During the winter, the sun drops down in the sky and shines in the south windows heating up the house nicely. We do have windows on the north side of the house, but not so many so that the cold north wind stays out. This all makes our house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Now that all usually works fine, but not right now. The fall sun has dropped in the sky to shine in our windows. Usually it makes the house cozy, and it is a nice time of the year to open those windows and let a cool breeze blow through. What cool breeze! Yesterday the temp was 99! The sun heated up the house sure-'nuff.  The construction boys were working on putting in doors, therefore, they were open. I kept cranking the AC to where it would not come on since doors and windows were open. I also tried helping out on the construction. By mid-afternoon, I was one hot mama. As sweat rolled down my face, I had the thought, "Ya know, these boys can do the work - they are getting paid. You can go crank the AC back on in the other part of the house." And so I did. After the crew left, Toby and I did some more work on the house, but it was still way warm. What happened to fall?

Another bit of news: my friend Beverly sold the house she and her husband built and lived in for over 40 years. She moved to town. But she has two dogs and only wanted to take one. So, I took her little rat terrier, Moses. Yes, I am a sucker. Moses is about eight years old and such a sweet old man. I could not see him going to someone who didn't love him. So far, he is fitting right in with our pack. My dad once said that if there was such a thing as reincarnation, when he died he wanted to come back as one of my dogs. Moses is being spoiled.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Campaigning and Work.

A few posts ago, I mentioned that a young friend of ours is running for district judge. One of the best campaign strategies has been the purchase of lots of yellow t-shirts with Josh's name. We show up at all sorts of county events wearing our yellow t-shirts, and we are a force to reckon with. We do get noticed.

The past couple of weeks (since Jesse's art show) I have been campaigning for Josh by "door hanging" with the other yellow minions.  A group of us ladies wearing our yellow t-shirts have been hitting the little towns in the county and hanging pamphlets on doors. We don't do every door in every town. We have a list of addresses of past voters. We try to follow a map of addresses. Let me tell you that it has been interesting. 
Some of these little towns have beautiful homes sitting next door to junk homes that should be burned to the ground. It is amazing. And sometimes people live in those junkers. They make for some interesting folk.

Since we are not "door knocking" but just "door hanging," we don't have to do much talking to folk. Every now and then, we get "a live one" - people outside or that come to the door.  I kind of like visiting with people, but I don't want to be a bother. My speech is short, "Hi, we are out campaigning today for Josh Creekmore who is running for district judge." or something like that, and I hand them the pamphlet. So far most people have been very friendly - even the lady who said, "Oh Josh." I asked her if she knew Josh, and she replied, "Yes, he is my husband's divorce lawyer. "

The walking through small communities has been my exercise, lately.  And we do lots of walking. Then when I have not been campaigning this week, I have been helping put the ceiling up on the house.  We are doing a wood ceiling similar to what is in the rest of the house. I usually cut and sand the boards before the boys nail them up.  It is coming along well. It is not really hard work, but it requires me standing lots. There is some heavy lifting, and of course, lots of movement with my right arm. It has been warm, but with a breeze is has not been unbearable. I have a heat rash under my right arm. By the end of the day, I am worn out.  Yesterday as it got close to lunch and we had been working non-stop for four hours, I told the boys that I needed to smoke a cigarette and drink some coffee as my dad would have done. I actually had a bite to eat and then a little nap while the boys went home for lunch.

Today the boys will be working on the walls. I am not needed for this. Instead, I will go to Walmart and have lunch with Toby and rest up a bit. I would like to say that all this work has caused me to lose weight, but hard work seems to cause a large appetite and justification to eat more. At least I don't gain weight with all the extra work. I'm maintainin'.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Senior Show and Kites

Fall is finally here, and the weather is beginning to cooperate. Today I have the windows open, and it is very nice outside.

We got a bit of a storm on Sunday afternoon. It had been still and hot all day - downright miserable outside! The GGs came over bringing their kite to fly. They were disappointed that there was no wind to be had. So, I got the four-wheeler and let them drive around the pasture. They are finally old enough to ride without me. I don't mind riding them around, but it was hot, and my allergies have been off the chart. About the time they got bored with the four-wheeler, it started getting dark to the north of us. Then a big wind came up. Rather than running for the house, the GGs begged to fly the kite. After all, the lightning was still off in the distance. So we got out the kite. It flew great! The GGs laughed and were very silly especially when the whale kite would take a dive into the sea of grass. Here are some pics. This last one was taken just as big drops of rain started to splatter us. Notice how dark it was. Bo was helping the girls real in the whale. Then the heavens opened up and the rain fell. Hallelujah!

I also have some photos from Jesse's senior show. Her friends Lindz and Kat were there too. It was a good show, and she got lots of attention - probably due to the newspaper article or maybe the white dress she was wearing.
 Here is my favorite coyote and mouse - the coyote's whiskers wiggle as do the hands of the mouse.  Click on link to see video of tail.
 Here is her birds and prairie dog. The raccoon pinching the turtle's wiggling tail was a favorite.
Here is the rabbit with moveable ears and the rabbit with a wiggling tail. You can see her prints behind the rabbit sculptures.
One of the favorite prints is to the left of the rabbit sculpture. This print is called "Do You See What I Hear?"

After the show, we went to my mom's for pizza and beer. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Abigail Portrait

The cool temps we had last week were so nice. I soaked in as much cool as I could. Yesterday and today have been hot and humid. I guess I'm not so cool after all.  I'm thankful that the temps are not in the three digits, but the 90's and humidity are killin' me. Yesterday I kept the GGs and Mr. T. for a couple of hours. They like to play outside, but to me, it was just too hot. We did sit outside on the patio in the shade. It was probably not very exciting for them, nor for the cats.

Today I did a bit of watercolor painting. You know how I want to paint portraits in watercolor, but I have not mastered it yet. Actually I have not mastered anything yet. That's okay; I keep trying. This a portrait of Abigail.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Times and Record News

Jesse made the Wichita Falls Times and Record News. This past weekend WF had a "Stroll and Roll" to the local art galleries including Midwestern's student gallery.  The town provided trolleys to the art galleries and the galleries were free.  Jesse and the other two seniors took turns at the MSU gallery showing their work. All the work is good. One of the art professors said it was the best senior show in years. Of course, I'm a bit partial to Jesse's work. The truth is that her work is just fun. Her work is something that people can relate to and that is why it got the big write-up.  Collin's work is very good too. Her prints and ceramics are fun, but maybe not as fun as Jesse's mechanical ceramics. Shawn's work is very good, but it is "different" - maybe a bit "dark" for some people. I can appreciate it, because I know the work he put into it, but it is not "comfortable" art. Anyway, I think all three seniors did an amazing job, and I'm proud of all three. Well, I'm the pretty darn proud of Jesse.