Monday, December 11, 2017

It's a Deal

After much stress, we got a contract on Mom's house. It is not much different than what the title guy said to do. We just had to throw the idea around in our heads for a bit and talk to the buyer some, and PRESTO! It was done. I am so ready to sign the deal and be done. Will I miss Mom's old house? Nope.

I am on to getting Jesse ready for the art show. I picked up several of her newer ceramic pieces at her house and brought them home so I could get them to the show. I like them. They are thrown on the wheel with some hand-built parts as well. I wrote a little bio for Jes. The things I do for that girl! These are wood-fired. The buffalo is a wall hanging.

We had Mr. T's 5th birthday. He was pretty cute. The first gift he opened was a little lego set from his Aunt Jes. He was thrilled and he hugged her and was all that was gracious. The next several gifts were not as exciting. He was certainly not so thankful and huggy.

Maybe it was the opening of the gifts that was more exciting than the actual gift. His parents gave him a Bible with his name on the cover. He opened the gift and said, "Oh, it's just a Bible." and he moved on. His dad asked him to read what was on the cover. T said, "Holy Bible." It was not so important to him that his name was on it. Pretty funny!  We gave him a little Casio piano. It was a hit. Anything electric that makes noise is usually a hit.  There were a few scuffles between Mr. T and his younger brother. All in all, it was an exciting evening.

We went to Aunt Mildred's funeral. It was good to see my cousins again, but there is beginning to be less and less to keep us together. Now we will have to make a real effort.  I hope we can do it and not lose touch. 

I am hoping my siblings will come for the closing on Mom's house. It is set for her birthday in December. Hopefully we can have a party and celebrate the end of the business part and enjoy time together.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

The Saga of Selling Mom's House

I apologize for not answering previous comments or for not posting sooner. With Thanksgiving and such, things have been busy. But the real reason I have stayed away from the computer, is that I had very little data left for the month. Getting on the laptop requires me to turn on my hotspot, which uses up more data. In the past we had plenty of data, but someone is using more these days...Who am I to complain?

There is a little art show coming up. The deadline is Dec. 15.  I've been working to get things matted and framed and my bio written, etc. I have been encouraging Jesse to be a part of this show. She is going to do it, but the "follow thru" is more difficult. She is her mother's daughter. Procrastination is the game.

 We have also been working on selling my mom's house. What should have been fairly simple, has been made complex. The buyer wrote up a contract with her lender. Unfortunately there was something in the contract that was not okay - as in could be considered fraudulent. I called the buyer and said we could not sign the contract as written, but we wanted to help her as much as possible and meet her needs. She told me to talk to the lender who wrote the contract. The lender told me to just drop the last page (fraudulent part) and sign the contract as written. If I do that, then the buyer does not get what she wants - like repairs to the house. So we asked the buyer (and lender) to meet with the title guy to re-write the contract more agreeable to what she wanted in a legal way. She refused to meet, because her lender refused. Well yeah, what the lender was doing was not okay.

So yesterday I went to WF to meet my brother and the title guy and re-write the contract or discuss what we could do. At the last minute my brother called and said he could not meet after-all. What! So you are sending an art major to talk business and make deals - a dumb blonde whose eyes roll back in her head at the mere mention of escrow, fees, repairs, etc! But I did it! I met with the guy. He told me what he thought we could do, which was basically to sign the contract as written with a few minor changes. We would get our money, but the buyer would not necessarily get her repairs, (she had a chance to come and tell us what she wanted...) I came home and told Toby. In the midst of this, I'm getting messages that my Aunt Mildred (95 years old) fell and was in the hospital. I was texting other cousins to let them know. Then I found out that Aunt Mildred passed away. So I had to re-text the cousins. My brother called and I told him about Aunt Mildred and about the contract. He had lots of questions. Really? I was also getting phone calls from a friend trying to help me with the contract. When the phone settled down, I was worn out and went to bed.

With all that on my mind, I tossed and turned all night. It did not help that a cold front was blowing in and causing a ruckus outside. Plus, it was not really cold, so I was having hot flashes. I was glad to get up this morning. But then Toby told me he didn't think I should sign the re-written contract, he had lots of questions, and he wanted some other things written into the contract. Really?  I went into fight or flight mode - mostly fight.

With my emotions running high at this point, I think I will stop. We will continue this saga when I get it figured out.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

I Posted!

It was pointed out to me twice yesterday that I had not posted in a while. I pointed out that I had lots of excuses. All of which are invalid. My biggest excuse it my laptop. It has been on the blink and I lost lots of stuff - like my favorites, my documents, my pictures. Some of this I have recovered, but it is a pain to retrieve them when I need them. Still, just an excuse.  Computers are suppose to make our lives simple - not a hassle.

So none of my family (siblings) is coming to my house for Thanksgiving. With Mom gone, I guess no one felt the need to be here for her and no one wanted to travel here and everyone wanted to just be with their own family.  Did we lose the glue that bound us? My own kids will be here and that is actually a good size crew. Should be fun!

It is suppose to be a beautiful day on Thanksgiving - perfect for being at the ranch. Since I care nothing for football games and TV stuff and would rather be outside, this will be great. Plus the grandkids can romp and stomp outside - much easier on everyone.

Jes is bringing some art friends - people who are far from home and can't make to their own families. Having other folks is always fun and interesting. It is not the first time she has invited strays home with her. Most of the time it works well. Sometimes we get her in a corner when no one is looking and beat her up.

My art classes have been going well. We have painted our fill of pumpkins and started on snowmen.This is from the snowman party: with a few pumpkins thrown in.

Last week I watched the grand-kids all day. One of my friends who lives near the GKs came by with her grand-daughter, Gwen.  Gwen happens to be Mr T's favorite kid to play with - both have older siblings who like to play rough. Both are rough and tough together. This day, they decided to play dress-up. Then they came in and stood in front of us and introduced themselves, "Princess Gwen and Racoon Titus" which was pretty funny. Then the older GGs fixed a tea party for them. Gwen said that she and Mr T were "Beauty and the Beast." If you can't tell from the photo, Mr T is wearing a coonskin cap.

  Okay, I posted. Now I get to clean house and make pies. I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 03, 2017

Almost Over

It has been a good week, but a busy week with something every day. Art classes, ladies luncheon, babysitting - those things are pretty normal around here. But our little church is putting on a Thanksgiving dinner for the "empty nesters." The dinner is Saturday night. Usually at the Thanksgiving dinner, there is some sort of entertainment.  In the past, we have played bingo for prizes. Yeha. Toby hates that. It is a lot like the dirty Santa game where everyone brings a gift and then you get to play bingo for a gift or take someone else's gift.  And as usual some of the gifts are great and some are pitiful. For some reason, I usually get the gift that makes me say, "What the heck do I do with this - like I need more junk!"

This year the entertainment for the dinner is different. One of my friends wrote a little mystery play. It is really good and will be much more fun than some old bingo game, but putting it on has been major work - fun, but work. Last night I spent four hours decorating for the play and dinner. Tonight is the final dress rehearsal.  Saturday night is the dinner and play. Sunday is the cast party at MY house.  Although I think this is going to be great fun when all is said and done, I am ready for it to be done.

I'd really like to tell you all about the play and show you pictures of the decorations - all awesome stuff, if I do say so myself. But we have been sworn to secrecy. This whole thing is suppose to be a big surprise. Yeah right. Is there such a thing as a "big surprise" when more than one person knows about it? At the ladies lunch thing earlier this week, one of the ladies involved in the play kept talking about it. When I told her that this was supposed to be a secret, she said, "What? I didn't tell them what it was about!" No, you told them just about everything else. Here, I had been trying to keep it totally a surprise. It reminded me of the time when I was a little girl and I bought my dad a book for Christmas. I was taunting him with how special his gift would be and how he didn't know what it was and it would be a big surprise. Somewhere in the conversation I said, "It is a great book!"  My dad laughed and said, "Now I know it is a book." I felt pretty silly. If you can't keep a secret, it is best if you just don't talk about it at all.

There are some things that are just not a big deal to me. Like last night while decorating I would have probably just put a pumpkin in the center of a table and called it decorated. But no, we went all out. This play, the decorations, the preparations have been work, but I bought into my friend's idea, her play, her enthusiasm, and I want to do a good job for her. Just a few more days and this will all be over. I'm ready. Then I can start thinking about Thanksgiving with my family. Yikes.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Lost Files

My laptop is dying. It has had a good long life, but it is old. Now and then it blacksout. The last time it went dark, I lost my favorites/bookmarks and my files. I'm sure they are there somewhere, but how do I find them? It may be more than I can fix. I think I need a computer doctor. I did manage to get back to my blog and dashboard, but I have no picture files to use. When I try to go to Facebook or someplace to get photos or my gmail, I need passwords. Some of those passwords were saved to a file that is now lost. I could make educated guesses, but sometimes certain websites close after you try several times. I hate this sort of thing.

On another note, I sent Toby off to work as Edgar the Bug Man from "Men in Black". He does a pretty good impression of Edgar. I'll post a photo when I can figure out how to get the picture to this laptop. Sigh.

On still another note, we are almost finished with the fence. I know, I know! It has been almost a year since we started this project. All we need now is to finish the watergap on the north side of our property and put the gates in place. It is exciting. Murry Don, the guy who bales our hay, said that our fence looked plum professional. Maybe we should go into the fencing business. We could call our fencing company, Fair Weather Fencers.

Yay! I managed to some photos. Here is Edgar
Here are the bugs I painted and cut out and stuck to Edgar Here is our Okie engineered barbed-wire stringer

Friday, October 27, 2017

Same Power

Same Power

I can see
Waters raging at my feet
I can feel
The breath of those surrounding me
I can hear
The sound of nations rising up
We will not be overtaken
We will not be overcome

I can walk
Down this dark and painful road
I can face
Every fear of the unknown
I can hear
All God's children singing out
We will not be overtaken
We will not be overcome

The same power that rose Jesus from the grave
The same power that commands the dead to wake
Lives in us, lives in us
The same power that moves mountains when He speaks
The same power that can calm a raging sea
Lives in us, lives in us
He lives in us, lives in us

We have hope
That His promises are true
In His strength
There is nothing we can't do
Yes, we know
There are greater things in store
We will not be overtaken
We will not be overcome

Greater is He that is living in me
He's conquered our enemy
No power of darkness
No weapon prevails
We stand here in victory

 This song is playing in my head this morning, maybe because I was a bit flustered yesterday. Toby had me run several errands in town yesterday morning. It was no problem and I got lots done. When I got home, my time was short before the art ladies came. Still, that was no problem either. I was just slow to remember that I had more ladies coming than usual and needed to clear my second table. Being a  bit of a pack-rat, it took me a while to get the junk off the table and get ready for art. Seven ladies showed up.  I didn't really have a lesson for them; just some choices on what they might want to do. Some chose to paint pumpkins in acrylic like Robin Egg and I had done a few weeks ago. Some chose to do little watercolors of fall scenes. None of it was a problem.  My "regulars" were helpful in setting up and helping the more needy.  But still, they were needy enough that I didn't get anything painted for myself. No problem. One of the younger ladies brought her 8 month old baby. Still not a problem. One of the ladies makes me a little crazed - something about her personality. And even that was not a problem. It may have been that my mind was on another project that I wanted to get finished, and I had somewhere to be that same evening. It could have been that I knew the gate had blown open and the horses were on the wrong side of the fence. Since there was little I could do about it, and I knew they would not wander far, I was good with it. I'm not sure what flustered me. 

There was really no problems whatsoever. I made it to my event that evening. I didn't get my project done, but it was not a problem either. That deadline was self-imposed and easily put off.  It was probably just the combination of all that was going on that put me on edge. It was the constant battle within myself to not let things bother me. By the end of the evening, I was stinkin' tired. And that is the reason for the song this morning.