Friday, March 16, 2018

Touching Base

I've turned into a regular thief. Or maybe I'm just a mooch. Since we have no Wi-Fi at home and we come close to using all our data every month, I decided to spend more time at Viridian Coffee and use their Wi-Fi.  I know the owners, so it's okay.  In fact, we have brought our lunch inside and eaten while we steal the internet.  

It has been a slow week after all the excitement of my birthday last week.  On Monday and Tuesday I did some ITBS testing for a second grader. He did great, but it is always kind of hard on little guys. It is difficult to sit still for long, and it is really hard to sit still and focus on school stuff.  When they start fidgeting, it makes me fidget too - or at least worry.  I always explain to parents that testing kids so young is not always good. I'd rather them wait a few more years.  Although the kids sit and do the test, sometimes their little minds are far from doing their best work. Oh well. It is just a test.

When I get some photos on this computer, I will post some of my latest watercolors. My art has been a bit slow.  Yet, here I am playing on the computer :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Parade Day

Turning 60 went pretty well. To say that I was a bit stressed planning the BIG birthday was an understatement.  It always starts so simple, but then things get complicated quickly.  When Toby asked me what I wanted to do, I answered, "I'd like to go to Bowie and see the Baileys at the La Belle Vintage Mall. Then I'd like to go on up to St.Jo to see one of my favorite artists, Donna Howell-Sickles. She is suppose to have a gallery and a studio in the downtown of St. Jo. Sounds fairly simple doesn't it?  It got complicated when Jesse wanted to go and said she would meet us in Bowie. Then my sister wanted to go. She said she would drive in from Amarillo on Friday in order to go with us on Saturday.  Toby took Friday off so that we could go to Burk and check on his mom. We decided to spend the night and leave from Wichita. We also decided to eat out in WF on Friday night with Jesse and Kathy and maybe my brother and his family. But everyone had different thoughts on how to get around. Isn't that the way it goes when you try to drive a herd? Like a herd of cats. Eventually, it all turned out fine.

Friday, my actual birthday, started out kind of rough. Kind of like parade day, when you go to get the horses for the parade and they are off running wild rather than being tame and coming to the feed bucket. Then since you are dressed in your white shirt for the parade, a horse will sneeze on you. So you end up sweaty and dirty for the parade. Bad horses! This time the horses had gotten out of the fence on Thursday, so we had to work on the fence Friday morning before we went anywhere.  We hit the fence about 7:30 and finished by 9.  Nothing like stringing a little barbed wire to get your blood flowing. After we cleaned up and packed up, we checked on Toby's mom, who was doing very well. Then it was on to WF.  My sister bought us matching blouses to wear - pretty silly, but lots of fun. We ate at the Highlander in downtown WF. It was okay. Toby and I had done some shopping for my birthday gift, which I am now using to write this post. Yep, I got a new laptop.  I also got a cheap little keyboard to use when I have my Kindle or even my phone. I love the new laptop, but I feel like an old dog trying to learn new tricks.

Saturday was even more beautiful than Friday. We saw our old Red River friends, the Baileys, and shopped in their antique mall. If you are ever in Bowie, be sure and stop to shop there.  Then it turned out to be Trade Days in Bowie. So of course, we went down and shopped the junk. I picked up some big Mexican flower pots, Mexican vanilla, and some sorghum.  Eventually, Toby and I split up from Kathy and Jes. We went on to St. Jo to see the art gallery. Hmm, It was okay as art galleries go, but I did not get to see many original by Donna. Surely we did something wrong. We only went to a little store/gallery that sold very nice jewelry and stuff. There seemed to be a gallery next door, but no one was there. And where was her studio? I was disappointed. But the drive to St. Jo and from there home was beautiful. It was actually nice to get home for a quiet evening and dinner with Shay and Lindz.

So now I am 60. Officially old.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Excuses, Excuses

Please forgive me for not being much of a blogger these past couple of months.  I'm sorry that I have not returned your comments. I need to do better, but I rarely get on my laptop, which is the best way to actually type. When I am on my phone or Kindle, I hate to write out comments - takes me forever. Then when I do get one all pecked out, many times I lose it or cannot get it to post - mostly because I cannot remember my passwords. I hate to change them, because it sometimes effects Toby's stuff. Oops! Anyway, I will try to do better.

Toby's mom has had the flu and pneumonia and has been in the hospital for a week. She beat the odds and got over both of those. Then on Friday her lungs and body were full of fluids. The doctor did not give a good outlook. But then, like the EverReady bunny she is, she bounced back. When we left her on Saturday night, she had eaten well, which is most amazing, and was sitting up in bed watching TV. She cannot hear the TV, but she was watching. I am very thankful for the prayers that have come her way.

I started my ceramic class last Monday and have my second class tonight. It went well. I think I will really like this. Well, I know I like ceramics, I like the teachers, I love Jesse, so what is not to like?  I'll try to remember to take pics of my stuff and class to share.

Not much else is new - Another reason for not blogging much.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Sick Week

Last Wednesday I went to Wal-Mart, which was a total mess. What I thought would be a quick get in and get your groceries, turned in to a hassle. All the quick lines were closed down and being replaced. Every other checker was up and working, but all were backed up five to seven shoppers deep. I had not been feeling great when I went, but by the time I got home I knew I was sick. I got in my comfy clothes and curled up in my recliner. And there I have been for what seems like forever.

My sister came to see me on Thursday. She sat on the couch and I sat in my recliner. We had dogs and blankets piled on us and we just chatted. It was a good visit, but not very exciting. She left on Friday. I continued to sit in my recliner.

Saturday afternoon, I dragged my self up and got dressed to go to my art show. I was feeling better, but not great. I had been fever free for about 24 hours, so I thought I was safe to go. It was a good party and I did fine, except I got really tired. It was back to my recliner for some more rest on Sunday.  Jesse came in for the show, since she had some art work in it. It was fun to have her and Lindz around - The dynamic duo - life of the party.

Jesse stayed around all day Sunday, since she had MLK Day off.  Sunday evening, we were sitting down to watch a movie, when Toby got a call that his mom had fallen. She is okay, but at the time, she had a cut on her head and was bleeding lots. They took her to the emergency room in WF.  Toby headed over to be with her. Jesse and I watched our movie.  Toby did not get home until midnight. His mom did not have any broken bones this time, but did have the gash and black-eye and sore body.  She is so very tiny and frail. It was a bit scary for us all.

GBN1 attended a youth banquet on Friday night. Here she is all dressed up. I was sorry that I did not get to babysit the boys and see her before she left for the banquet. She is beautiful, but then I am partial.

Monday, January 08, 2018

Back in the Data Again

Yes, we  have data again and I don't feel guilty for using it to blog. Toward the end of the month, we start getting notices on how much data we have used. With the cold/icy weather over the New Year, Toby and I used up too much data. We can still have data, but it is extremely slow. I can live with that, but it makes me a bit fretful for some reason. It is always a good feeling when you are back in the data.

While we were frozen in and staying by the warm fire, Toby and I made some hand-built pottery pieces. I made two little village candle holders - I made little buildings in a round open vessel for a candle. The flame will show through the windows of the little buildings. Okay, okay, I'll get a photo.
 Toby made a coffee mug with his brand on it. Then we made butter dishes. Our friend, Frank, gave Toby a pattern for a butter dish. Toby used Frank's pattern, but made it slightly larger for a pound of butter. Being independent minded, I chose to make my own butter dish, my way. I made an enclosed box and then cut the box in two pieces - the lid and the bottom. Then I decorated the lid and put a handle on it. When I was all finished and letting it harden, Toby said, "Why did you put the handle on the bottom?" What!?  Sure enough! At some point in working on the butter dish, I got it turned over. The lid should have been the big part, but I had gotten it upside down and put the handle on it. It made me LOL. Now it is not a butter dish, but a treasure chest.

As if I needed more stuff to do, I have signed up for the ceramics continuing ed course at MSU in Wichita Falls on Monday nights.  Jesse has been taking this class since she graduated from MSU. It allows her to use the ceramics studio and all the supplies for a reasonable if not small fee. Jesse has suggested I take the class several times. I have thought about it lots. This seemed like a good time to go ahead and sign up.  I can go to WF and get errands done and do ceramics. Sometimes I will spend the night with Jesse. It will give me lots more knowledge of ceramics, lots of practice, and as Jesse said, "It is a good investment." My reason for doing it - time with Jesse.

One other interesting tidbit. The neighbor's potbellied pig has been coming over to eat dog food. She is a cute little thing. She will let me pet her. Sometimes she sits out front in the sun. When she is ready, she goes home. The dogs could care less, unless she tries to get in their dog house. Miss Piggy

Tuesday, January 02, 2018


Christmas was not as planned, but it turned out well. Toby’s mom was not feeling well, and we decided not to get her out and in the cold weather. Instead, Toby and I went by to see the grandkids early Christmas morning before heading to Burk where we met his sister to have lunch with his mom and spend some time with her. Then Toby and I went to my little brother’s house where my older brother and his wife were gathered. We cooked steak on the grill. We played some pickle ball outside, which was like tennis/ping-pong in the driveway, and we played some inside games too. It was quite nice.  I did miss Jesse and her smiling face.  She was in CO with cousins having lots of fun.

New Year’s was not exciting, but that is not unusual. Toby and I stayed up to watch a movie, "King Arthur", with our dog family.  We made it til 11 PM before saying Happy New Year to each other and going to bed.

It was the weather that made things interesting, or not. It was extremely cold with temps in the low teens. The wind was blowing hard from the north making it feel even colder. We kept the fire burning and did lots of sitting in our recliners with dogs and blankets piled on us. It was really nice. When we did get bored, we did some art. Yep, Toby did art with me. I made two little village candle holders. Toby tried making a butter dish from a pattern given to him by our friend and potter, Frank. I made a butter dish too, but I made it from making a box and cutting into it. My box turned out nice, but after it was all done, I realized that I had made the lid on the wrong part of the box. So now it is just a nice box and not necessarily a butter dish. It was fun.

As for New Year resolutions, Jesse and I discussed the usual resolutions - do better physically and spiritually, but also to be more organized – to be more productive. This is not just in art, but in all sorts of things that need to be done in our life. Earlier this week I started a new diet. I hope to stay with it. I could go into a rant here about diets and weight and eating right, but it has all been said and done. I just keep at it. What else can I do? 

With all this staying home, we ran out of data last night meaning our phones have slowed down. It is only for a day or so. It’s not really a problem. Maybe it is a good way to start the New Year – less time on the Internet!

I had so much time on my hands with all this cold weather, I decided to put my Christmas decorations up. Yay! I gotter done before February.

I'd like to post pictures with this post, but the internet is just too slow at this point. I will add them later. Sorry.