Tuesday, March 31, 2020


Wouldn't ya know that I would start back to blogging at the same time we have to practice social distancing. The good part of that is I have lots of time to blog. The bad part is that my life is pretty boring. Although, it was probably pretty boring to begin with.

I am still working on computer stuff. In order to do the online pastel workshop, I have to download Zoom. I did so. Then I tried to get Jesse to play with me/try it out by joining a meeting. It said that you did not have to download to join, but I'm pretty sure I either got that wrong or they lied. Anyway, Jesse downloaded Zoom, but we never had a meeting. Sigh. She sent a text asking me to join her meeting by clicking on whatever link. But I had downloaded Zoom onto my Kindle first. Then I thought better and downloaded it onto my laptop - easier to see if I am doing a painting class. But Jesse sent me a link on my phone! I couldn't just click on her link. So I tried downloading it onto my phone, too. Eventually, I muddled the whole thing. Jesse said that we should try again later. I'm sure she was just trying to distance herself from me and my computer woes.

Today I have been trying to hook my laptop up to my printer through my new wifi. I actually managed to do it, I think. I connected the two and cheered for a minute. Then, the laptop said that my printer was low on ink. Well, I haven't used it in over a year or so. I remember putting ink in, but it not doing well even back then. Hmm. Maybe I bought the cheap stuff. When the ink cost as much as a new printer, it is difficult to decide what to do next. Should I go spend $50 on ink or should I get a printer that is more up to date and might actually work?

I find working on the computer, printer, new apps, wix site, etc. all very much like playing golf. Now and then I hit a great shot and everyone is impressed. Mostly, though, I top the ball or dig the ground or slice it to the side. Then I spend lots of time looking for the ball and getting it back in the playing area. I hate it, an yet, I keep trying.

It's probably a good think no one is around right now.

FF, I got my book, "The Last Battle."

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Every Little Bit Helps

Toby and I worked on the man cave/pottery room out in the barn today. It was a pretty nice day temperature wise, but the wind was blowing. Here is a photo that I posted on Facebook and Instagram.
We only got one wall done today before our feet gave out. Toby has been having problems with his heel and Achilles tendon. I now have plantar fasciitis. Both of us are doing better with our feet problems, but standing on a ladder did us in. Concrete floors don't help either. Still, it was nice to get a bit done.

We also got up early, well, late for us, but early for a Saturday and went to Walmart. We have not bought toilet paper, because I don't need it yet, but I did buy a couple of rolls of paper towels. I'm trying not to be a hoarder. I think that if everyone does his part not to over-react then we will all get back to normal sooner. The greed and fear that comes over people is amazing. And I get it. When things have been difficult to get, and suddenly they are on the shelf, I get an overwhelming urge to buy those things. But I have not. Only if I need things to I buy them. Doing my part :)

Today I saw on Facebook that Natasha Isenhour is going to have online courses in pastels.  I messaged her about it. She said that the class was going to be $25 an hour with a two hour minimum. She will send out a photo reference and then through Zoom, she will teach. I'm game!

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

At Home Alone

It seems that I am already behind on my blogging. It is certainly not because I don't have time. With this social distancing, I have lots of time here at home. I have done some art, but not nearly as much as I should.  Yesterday I spent hours working on my Wix site.  It took me hours, because I am not a computer expert. I managed to download/upload (?) photos from my phone to my computer. But I can't find them on my laptop, except that they are still in the "task" icon. Good Grief! I then managed to put more products on my Wix site. I doubt you could actually buy things from my site, but you can view things and contact me. It's the best I can do at the moment, but I have not given up.

This whole coronavirus pandemic is not making me happy. I don't mind staying home, but I don't like the confusion on what is going on, and the media coverage is crazy.  People on FB constantly give out advice. I'm tired of it.  Some people have a sense of humor and post some pretty funny things, but others are doom and gloom. And then there is the whole political bashing that is going on - the finger pointing and blame game. I'm pretty tired of that too. I have been to Walmart a couple times in the wee early hours. It is not so bad, but still fairly busy and still difficult to buy necessities.  They were supposed to have set aside a time for people over 60 to shop from 6 -7 AM. But no one checks your age when you enter. Once inside I saw lots of people under 60. Not that I minded, but the point is that people over 60 are more at risk - so there should not be as many people there or younger people who are more likely to have been out and about. It seems people make rules, but are not prepared to follow through with them. Getting my head wrapped around all of this is difficult.

Being home more helped in some ways. I did finally get all the my art put up, well, most of it. There are a few things in the guest bedrooms on the beds and not the walls. At least all the paintings are not stacked in the den. You can actually sit on the couch now. I have paintings on the walls - everywhere! I have some pretty tall ceilings/walls so I went high with my paintings. They may not be on eye-level to see well, but they are hanging and that is better than stacked or leaning where they can get bumped over.

That that brings to mind a great memory: In high school I dated a guy who had this modern style house with lots of high ceilings and odd angle roof lines.  The den area was large and on the tall wall was lots of paintings of people - family members mostly. They were great paintings, fun paintings, and I was impressed.  Apparently they were don by his father. Someday, I remember thinking, I want paintings on the wall just like that!  And now I have them, although they are not mostly family members. But I am an artist and I do have paintings!

Friday, March 20, 2020

Instant Coffee

Wednesday night  and most of the day Thursday it rained. It was not a little rain, but a whole lot of rain - constantly. We had already had lots of rain last weekend filling our pond. Although the pond dam held well, the spillway decided to do its own thing and cut its own path - what a mess.

So Wednesday night during all the storm, the electricity went out. Toby jumped up around 3 AM and set his phone alarm so that we would get up like we were supposed to. It worked great. We used flashlights to move around, because it is just pretty dark at 5 AM. With no electricity I put on a pot of water thinking that we had a coffee press. It seems that we left the press in the camper in the barn. So, I had a little jar of instant coffee and that worked like a charm. By the time we drank our first cup, the electricity came back on and we brewed more coffee.

Now it is Friday and the weather has turned cold again. I really like it when it is in the 45 - 55 range. I could live where it is cool - like Ecuador not getting much over 70 in the mountains. Anyway this evening I put on my robe and got my blanket and built my nest. I asked Toby if he wanted any decaf coffee - another thing I like on a cold evening. He said he did, and did we have any instant decaf? It made me laugh. These days everyone is a coffee connoisseur and we have good coffee from our friends at Viridian, but Toby wanted instant coffee. The other morning the instant coffee was really good, so I understood where he was coming from.

You know that I learned to drink coffee as a kid when I would get up early with my dad. He was a big coffee drinker. He had a percolator,  until drip coffee came out. But eventually Dad went to drinking instant coffee. Apparently he had some problems with coffee bothering his stomach. No way was he giving up his coffee. He would drink a cup or two of regular instant coffee in the morning, and then go to instant decaf coffee later in the morning and throughout the day. It became the way he did things. Even after he died, mom still made instant coffee.

It was funny that Toby and I really enjoyed the instant coffee the other morning. Maybe we were just nostalgic.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

A Small Skirimish

Today I posted an article on FB basically saying that we should all work together during this time of crisis - not bash each other and finger point the blame. My brother had posted an article a few days prior that had bashed Trump for being too slow and lying about what he was doing about the coronavirus. I jokingly posted that maybe Trump should have closed the borders. Geeze Louise! I got a long lecture from both my brother and my brother-from-another-mother. Both have very liberal views. I don't know what all they said. Didn't really read it. Well, I got the gist and moved on. Then friend of my brother's commented that Dr. Fauci of the CDC, who works for Trump, was afraid of being fired by Trump, so he wouldn't contradict Trump (I guess that means that Trump is lying). And that Trump would have him "resign" soon. Hmm, does that mean that Dr. Fauci did not do his job well and in a timely manner and did not give Trump good advice or good info  - all because he was afraid of losing his job? Maybe he should "resign." Why would Trump have people working for him who would give him slow or bad info or not advise him to the best of their ability?

Whatever! I don't think I can take too much more politicos on FB. It gives me that sick feeling in my stomach to read some of the hate. But then it gives me a sick feeling to let it go and not respond to stupiditiy. And when I do respond, it gives me a sick feeling that I may hurt or upset someone. Sometimes I think it is time for people to stand up for what is good and right. Is that how a warrior feels before he goes into battle?

Years ago when I was teaching in Mission, TX, I got into a discussion with a fellow teacher. I think his name was Larry Klingensmith.  He was about my age and a new teacher too.  He was new to the Valley, also. Anyway, we were arguing about women playing baseball - he said women were not very good at being coached.  I don't remember the argument much, but I did get so angry with Mr. Klingensmith that I called him an a$$hole (I was a Democrat back then :) Later I felt really bad about losing my temper and calling him a name, and I went to apologize.  But Mr. Klingensmith said, "NO, NO! Don't apologize. That was the best part! Don't ruin it!" And he grinned at me.  He probably thought it was great that he could make me so mad that I would call him a name, but it was really great that we could argue and get over it. Loved him.

Monday, March 16, 2020

Interesting Times

The news came out this evening that the Oklahoma public schools will be closing until April.6 (Yay! No school). We live in interesting times. I am hopeful that all this craziness will be for naught. Isn't that the goal - for the coronavirus not to spread and not effect so many people? I don't seem to have a lot of fear. I am much in awe over the closing of everything and the stores being bought out. As I said, interesting.

 Today I worked in my art room - trying to get a bit more organized. I still have a ways to go. I did some thank-you notes for the birthday presents I have received. I put them on little cards and will write notes eventually. That is the part where the procrastination sets in. At least the cards are ready.

Maybe with all this self-quarantining I will get lots done.