Monday, March 02, 2015

Brighten Beach

A few days ago, I mentioned starting a beach painting. I found this picture online. I liked it because of the light and shadows. Since water is not my thang, I also wanted to give it a try. Painting water is difficult for most people, but especially for those of us who know little about it. I'm a mountain girl for sure. I didn't even learn to swim until I was a teenager. I also wanted to experiment with color. And the photo was just fun. Did you know that you can google just about anything? Google "kids on the beach" and you get lots of photos. I once went looking for some photos of women to practice my life drawing. Be careful there.

Anyway, I don't like my waves very much. And I got in a hurry on the painting. One of my art teachers once told me I would be better if I was not so messy. Yada Yada.

I have a new project coming up. A friend ask me to paint a mural at her barbershop. I think I will try to document my steps. Could be interesting.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

The Days of Winter

It is still cold, snowy, and icy here in OK, which is kind of strange since it normally melts quickly. Church has been canceled due to the frozen streets. Toby had to go into work - end of the month closing can't be canceled.  He texted that the main roads were fairly clear, slick in spots, but with the temps going up, things should melt today. I just poured the last of the coffee in my cup and it looks rather thick - like I may need to use my teeth to sift it. Toby left a nice fire for me and the dogs. Although, the dogs cannot decide if they want to be in or out. Maybe they have cabin fever too. There is not much to do around here with everything frozen.Yesterday I worked on a painting, but Toby said it still needs help. It does need help.  So, Toby made beer and I made creme brulee. We could get really fat this winter - like Moses and Ranger.
 I've been missing the Grand-Babies. Since the GGs and Mr T have been sick this week with sore throats and ear infections, there has been no visiting them. Such are the days of winter. It is difficult to blog when winter has brought life to a standstill.

I'm thinking it is time for a change. The dogs are driving me crazy this morning. Max's tail is beating on the floor, and he and Jack keep jumping at each other. Toby wants me to drive into town and have lunch with him. I might go by and see the GGs, but the neighborhood streets are not so great. Maybe the streets will slush-up by lunch. It is March 1st. Definitely time for a change. Here is your laugh for the day - a pic of Max and GBN2 taken last week when the GGs spent the night and we watched a movie. Max loves the GGs.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Another Snow Day

The snow is coming down in big fat flakes.
I have a fire built. The dogs are making themselves comfy. That is Fat Mo and Maximus.

I have done a bit of art work and plan on doing more.
This is what I have been working on. It is from a photo of Jesse in Paris (March of 2013). I went back to look at the photos I posted from that trip. This one was not posted. It's funny that Jesse was not wearing her hat in this photo/painting. She is wearing a hat in all of the other photos. It may have been the warmest day we had on that trip. In fact, I think it started snowing that night. I bought a silly hat while we were there - anything to keep my ears warm. Yesterday I wore that hat to do my farm chores. You know - feed the chickens and horses and dogs and cats - carry in fire wood - carry out trash, etc.  It's kind of funny to wear my Paris hat while being a ranch-hand.

Now I think I'm going to start a beach scene.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Snow Day Photos

It's a snow day. Jesse sent a text this morning showing her excitement for her first public school snow day. Yes,  the teachers are probably more excited than the students. For me, snow days mean I  don't have to go to exercise and that makes me a happy camper. I don't really mind exercise with my lady friends, but I hate "going" - if that makes sense.

It seems a good day to share some photos.
This first one is a painting of my hair-dresser, Bre. She and her sisters often do little photo sessions together, and since she and her sisters are quite lovely, the photos are usually great. Last summer when I was trying something new with my portrait painting  I did this painting of Bre taken from one of their photo sessions, but I gave her the painting before I took any photos of the painting. Friday, I went by her shop and took a photo with my phone - not the greatest photo.
 This is a pic of the GGs who spent Friday night with us. We made pizza. I took this photo to send to Aunt Jesse.  She loves silly GG photos.
This last photo is of Ranger - the Prince of Pillows. He is getting to be such an old man. He does love to be comfy. You might notice that one pillow is coming apart. You can put that down to my ability to sew. I bought that material to cover some chairs. I covered one chair with the material. Later I found Ranger asleep on that chair. When he got up, the material was all pulled apart. If the material could not take one dog nap, it was not very good material. I re-covered those chairs in something stronger. Later I decided to make some pillows using that wavy material. It turns out that the material did not make good pillows either. They have fallen apart. But Ranger still likes them. Now I plan on being like Ranger for the rest of this snow day and curling up on some pillows.

This is the actual photo of Bre. Beautiful, yes?

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ten Years

Ten years ago today, I started this blog. My son was the only one to read and respond. In fact, he was probably the only commenter for the first year. With the Iraq War in full swing, I followed lots of milblogs. It was my little way of supporting our troops. I also became a Soldier's Angel through blogging. About a year into blogging, I met Buck on one of the milblogs. Ours became a fast friendship - thanks to Buck. He was just that kind of guy - friendly, welcoming, helpful, etc. I miss him terribly.

There are other blog-buddies that I still keep up with - like Jo and Gene. We have lots in common, and they are just easy to be friends with. Some of the other blog-buddies have quit blogging, but I keep up with them through FB. Some blog-buddies I have lost touch with all together. Lately, I read and comment more on other blogs than I write on my own blog.

Mostly my blog has been journaling. We had just bought this property and starting to build. I wrote about our escapades in building, farming, ranching, and grand-babies. The grand-babies were new to us back then, too. In fact, GBN1 will be eleven years old in a couple of weeks. I also told lots of stories about growing up in NM. And of course, there was the occasional rant - sometimes about life, sometimes about politics.

Then there has been my art. Now and then I show you what I have been up to in the art world. At one time I painted a painting a week and posted my work. Both my storytelling and my art have slowed down lately. Several times I have thought about stopping the blog all together, but I keep going - maybe not like the Eveready bunny. Maybe my battery has run down a bit. I think about making my blog more about my art, but then you have to do more art. That could happen :)

There was a time when I had more readers and had some negative feedback from friends and family. I really hate it when someone tries to direct my life and views. I'm just ornery enough to thwart them, but not ornery enough to bite them. Most of those readers are gone now, and I should be freer to say what I want. Not! I still get a "I can't believe you put that on your blog" now and then. I still hate that sort of input. Do they think I don't consider my words before I type them? Don't they know that "What the hell" is usually the decision I go with :)

Who knows what the future for my blog will be? But I am still here and I still love it. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Little to Nothing

It has been a slow week, and I have nothing exciting to say.  That could be good news. At least nothing horrible has happened.

My Little Girls art class came on Tuesday. We did graph drawings.  Using our rulers, we made one inch squares on a photo of a dinosaur (statue). Then we made a graph on our drawing paper. The lesson was to draw the individual squares exactly as you saw them. As you draw each square, the whole dinosaur eventually takes shape. Of course part of  the lesson was to look at the whole picture to make sure you got it right. Then we transferred our dinosaur drawing to a clean sheet of paper and added the details (eyes, scales, muscles, etc) and the shading. My girls did well, but there is always someone who draws what is not there - what they cannot see. Ex: the feet of the dinosaur were hidden by grass. You could not actually see his toes.  Yet, one girl drew toes on the dinosaur, and another girl copied her toes. So I asked, "Can you actually see his toes or do you happen to know what a triceratops' toes look like?" It is funny how our minds work. We often draw what we know, but not what we see. Chances are that what we know is wrong.

In other big news, the hubby had a colonoscopy. Last time he had one, the anesthesia made him loopy all day. Fortunately, they used different stuff, and he was coherent afterwards. He got a good report, and we came home to rest and regroup. Later in the day, we went over to Lawton to do a bit of shopping and to eat Mexican food since Toby was hungry. We went into Hobby Lobby to do some shopping for a birthday gift for GBN1 and to check out the art supplies. I have a love/hate relationship with HL. I love to buy art supplies there when they are on sale, but sometimes they make me crazy. A few weeks ago, art paper and pads were on sale 40% off. I bought up lot of art pads for my girls. As I checked out, the clerk said that one package of art paper was not on sale. Now, I've bought this same paper many times before when art paper was on sale, and I said as much. She turned to the manager who happened by and asked him if it were on sale. He said no, because it was not "bound" paper - like a pad. I chose not to buy the paper - general principle of the thang. The next week when I was in HL (yes, it can occur weekly) I pointed out to the clerk that she had been in error - that many of the art pads were not "bound" and yet had been on sale - so why not the one pad. The clerk just looked at me. So I tried Michaels the next week. I bought a pad that said it was half-off. At the check-out, the clerk said it was not half-off unless you bought two pads - it was in the small print. I threw a fit telling the girl how small print made me madder'n hell.  So yesterday in HL when pastel pencils were on sale, I tried to buy a small set of pastels - a brand I had never tried. At the check-out, the girl said they were not on sale unless they were over 9.99. I burst out laughing - how very ridiculous. It was that small print stuff again. Toby was very proud of me for not throwing a fit this time. Yeah well, I started to ask the girl if she wanted me to put them back and then throw them across the store. Na, you know I would never do that.

I did start a painting this week, but it is too early to show you. The weather has been cold and windy, which I don't mind. Although, I need to be out walking and riding my bike and getting ready for great adventures this summer. But, I seem to be a fair weather exerciser.

That's all I got. Sunday will be my tenth blogoversary.