Saturday, May 30, 2015

Return of the Stooges

While searching my post, I came across this little jewel. It is worth sharing again:

Life with the Stooges

A funny thing happened yesterday as we were leaving for church. We were walking out the door when I thought of one more little thing to entertain GBN1 in church. I wanted to grab a few colored pencils - they are perfect for GBN1 – she can color without making a mess and pencils do not taste as good as crayolas. There is a filing cabinet near the front door which contains much of my art supplies. Because I am not a neat freak, the top of the cabinet has lots of containers of paint brushes, pencils, pastels, colored pencils and various other piles of stuff. As I reached up and grabbed the can of colored pencils (keep in mind that I am a short person) I heard something fall between the cabinet and the wall. For just a split second I thought, “Great, I knocked something off – I’ll get it later.” Then I heard a “Pssssst” that did not bode well. My next thought was that it was probably my aerosol can of fixative – toxic, but clear and fairly harmless. Then, like one of the Three Stooges, I pulled the cabinet and looked behind it. I was instantly covered in black spray paint. Like an oil gusher, a can of black spray paint was spewing its guts. Of course, I screamed and Toby came running to see what the commotion was. I grabbed him in time to keep him from looking directly into the line of fire and ruining his Sunday clothes as I had just ruined my pretty yellow sweater (although it would have been funny if he had done the same thing that I had just done – two stooges are funnier than one). As the gusher began to subside, we were able to cover the can somewhat, but black paint was everywhere. It seems that when the can fell, it struck the corner of some framing glass that was stored between the cabinet and the wall. The glass broke and the can was punctured. Black paint covered the floor, wall, filing cabinet, and some of my art supplies. Fortunately, we were able to get the paint off of my ceramic tile – the grout was a bit more difficult. The wall and front door will have to be repainted. My clothes were ruined and my new tennis shoes were speckled. The clean up process was not fun. It took some effort to scrub the paint off our bodies. Toby’s hands were black from gathering up the can and other stuff covered in paint. Turpentine is a great exfoliate – takes the paint and skin right off. It took a while for me to calm down from the excitement. Since there was no real harm done, I had to laugh at how silly I must have looked when the paint hit me – like a stooge. Of course, we were late for church and had to sit on the front row.

Thursday, May 28, 2015


My usual art classes with the little girls ended Tuesday - not with a bang, but more like a ppfftt. Only one little girl showed for class. It was a sign that we were done and needed a break. I had planned on doing a drawing on nice paper - do a finished drawing. The one little girl was game, and so we did a drawing of a still-life I had set up. My heart was not in it, but I kept on. The little cup in the upper right corner was a demo of light hitting an object. I needed to show one of my practice doodles. Anytime I set down with paper near me, I doodle, sketch, etc. One of the favorite doodles is to draw an object and play with light hitting it and causing shadow.  My little art student needs to practice, practice, practice. I tried to give her some ideas of what to practice on this summer. Maybe she could doodle/practice in church while listening to the sermon.  When I was her age, I was filling drawing pads faster than could buy them. So I don't really understand when my girls leave my class and never pick up a pencil or any other type of art medium until they come back for the next lesson.

My phone was not working well this morning. After several dropped or missed calls, I got my phone, a pad, and a pen and drove down the driveway a bit to get better service. After several attempts and dropped calls, I got someone who worked with me well. I was a bit hot to say the least, but I calmed down. Over two hours later, I don't know if we got much done, but the tech support said he would put a "problem ticket" on my phone. Whatever that means. He wore me down. I didn't much care after sitting in the car in the driveway for that long. When I came in the house, my phone did work better. It really does not take much to please me. Hmm, maybe it does not take much to piss me off either. You should have seen my note pad when I came in. Zentangle folks would be jealous.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Yesterday we had another big storm with strong wind gusts. The internet was down most of the afternoon and evening. Finally around 9 PM, I mentioned to Toby that I thought the wind might have blown the TV/Internet antenna. He did a quick adjustment and it was fixed.

Earlier in the day I had seen a couple of photos that I thought were really cool and would make a nice Memorial Day post. I stole them from FB along with their captions:
My friend Phil posted this photo on FB of his father after WWII in Italy.  This is one of my favorites of my Dad somewhere in Italy, near the end of World War II. Celebrating the wars near end and going home!
 Then my SIL posted this photo of her father's WWII plane.  This was the plane my Dad flew in WWII, called "Heavens Above." Had to resort to stock photo from the Lackland Air Museum, as I can't find the picture of my Dad holding his grandson (my son, now 39) as he told him the story of "Grandpa's Big Plane!" Thanks, Dad, who is now in "heaven above"...and all the many other men and women for their courage, dedication, and service!
 Since I have this great photo of my dad when he was at Ft. Raleigh in about 1948, I thought I would post it. He would have been about 20 years old. You won't notice it, but my dad's right arm and hand are crippled. He had no muscle/tendon use in it after a hazing incident at Texas A&M. He managed to hide that fact from the military doctors when enlisting. But he was smart, so the Army put him in an office and taught him to type with one finger and one hand. They also taught him to make a bed right and tight - I know 'cause he taught me too.

Thank you all who served. You are remembered.

Thursday, May 21, 2015


CenTexTim posted a story on the "dadbod" which is very "in" these days. It reminded me of a photo that I had posted a few years back. Since Jesse and Bo have an upcoming birthday, I thought I'd post it again. Here is my man with the "dadbod" and his babes.
This pic was taken in about 1983 when we had moved to McAllen. We often went over to South Padre Island for the day. I still remember our first trip to SP. We drove to the public beach which was filled with cars and people - all parked and playing in the water. I was horrified. We eventually made our way to the beaches up by the hotels and condos. Those beaches were kept cleaner.  Although, how clean can a beach be - not very clean on SP. A teacher friend had a house on the lagoona side of the island. The house had an outdoor shower that we would use before driving back to McAllen. The shower made things much more comfortable on the way home. The company Toby worked for had a condo that we could use, and occasionally we did use it. It had white carpet and glass coffee tables and glass shelves and was super nice. It was too nice for us with our little kids. I worried about the kids breaking something, or getting mud or oil on the white carpet. There was also a big todo list that had to be done when leaving. I'd rather get a hotel room and let someone else clean up or better yet, just drive the hour home. The beach was fun and I enjoyed our time in South Texas, but I am a mountain girl. I do love this photo - such great memories - such a handsome hubby!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Between the new baby and the older parents, it has been a busy few weeks. Throw in the huge amount of rain and thunderstorms and things get complicated quick. The rain has been wonderful, and the pond is full and overflowing. Yesterday was a really nice day without any rain complications. I did do a bit of babysitting early on. Then I came home and mowed the grass, which was getting pretty deep.  Toby brought home pizza since Bo was coming over with the GGs and Mr T. They got here about 6 PM. While I entertained the grandkids, Bo and Toby brewed beer. They left about 9 PM. I slept pretty darn good last night.
Here is a photo taken at the hospital.

Sara and the new baby did not come out. I'm sure they needed their rest. The new baby, whom I think I will call Jet, is doing great. I managed to get in some grandma time while babysitting. I just happened to be wearing a brown striped shirt that matched Jet's brown stripes. He is very cuddly.

Today is art with my little girls. We will probably only do one more art class and then stop for the summer. I like spending time with the girls, but it will be nice to take a break.

I should mention that Toby's mom is home from the hospital and the physical therapy hospital. She is doing amazing for an 85 year old who fell and broke her neck three weeks ago. I wish my mom was so easily fixed. Parents and parenting is a tough business.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Cinco de Mayo Hijo

Forever we will celebrate Cinco de Mayo, but not for the usual reasons. Last night at 10:15, my second grand-son was born. 5-5-15! Pretty cool!  Mother and son are doing great. We were up at the hospital last night with the other grandkids to see the new boy. We brought the kids home with us - arriving here at midnight. I rocked Mr. T to sleep - he was wound up. So was I, because even after I got them all to bed, I did not sleep well. Then rather than sleep in, they got up at 5:30 with Toby. Toby went off to work leaving me to get them dressed and fed and out to see the chickens before heading to town to see the new brother.

The new brother does not have a name as of this post. He is 7.7 pounds and 19 inches long. He is perfect. He is a snuggler. I know, because I did some snuggling with him this morning. I took some photos too. Here are a few. Then I'm going to go take a nap so that I can start over with grandbabies later today.