Saturday, March 12, 2005

Ground Breaking

Today we are breaking ground on our new house on our new land. We have bought 75 acres not to far from where we live now. The land has a large pond and lots of pecan trees. We are building a "studio" (or as my husband says "the shack") first. We will live in the studio for a while and build the "big house" later. I am just so happy because it will be mine to build as I want, and I do love to build. There is just something about swinging a hammer and putting things together - very satisfying. I am a framer at heart.

Unfortunately, my husband thought I was a farmer. We have spent the last 8 years on large parcels of land doing large farming along with our ranching. Going round and round on a tractor does not take a rocket scientist. Although farming has provided me with lots of funny stories, I won't miss it. This piece of land is plenty big for all my critters and a few cows and horses, but I won't have to go round and round anymore - famous last words.

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