Monday, May 02, 2005

Never a Dull Moment

Mom's surgery went well. There was no cancer found, and she is recovering fine. My sister and brothers jumped right in and took care of everyone. They did a great job. Dad behaved fairly well through it all. I went home on Friday night leaving my family in charge for the weekend. It was good to get home and check out progress on the new house which is wired now. We put up a gazebo tent for my grandchild. She can be outside in the shade, but also be contained around all the construction. The tent worked great. Bo called it Lizzie's jail.

The real excitement took place last night. Toby asked me to help him with the tractor. He had run out of propane and needed me to drive the truck and drag him up to the tank. That went rather smoothly. I pulled him to the tank, and then went back inside the house to watch TV. I had not been in the house long when Jesse and I heard a loud "capushht" - like when you light the torch on the welder. Jesse asked," What was that?" I knew exactlly what it was and ran to the window. Sure enough the tractor was on fire. I ran for the fire extinguisher which after all of these years of not using it, it was not where it was suppose to be. I ran outside. Toby was standing there looking like a little lost boy. I asked him what we should do thinking that any minute the tractor could blow up and the 500 gallon propane tank would go next. Toby was still looking lost, so I grabbed the water hose. He grabbed one end and ran to the tractor while I hooked up the other end and turned on the water. He soon had the tractor fire put out while I looked for the nonexisting extinguisher. When things settled a bit, I was able to check Toby out and see if he was okay. His hair was completely burned off of his arms. His eyebrows were partially gone, and the hair around his cap was singed. His cap probably saved his face and head. I got him cleaned up and doctored. There were only a couple of small blisters on his arm. It was more like a very bad sunburn on his arms and face. With the excitement over, Toby and I stopped to thank God for His hand in protecting Toby from what could have been a very horrible accident. There is much to be thankful for.

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