Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Slave Girl

Yes, it is true. I did work the girl pretty hard her first day home. We did take a break and go to the doctor because it seems her ear is stopped up. She had mentioned a canoeing trip and diving off of a tower into a lake might have caused water in her ear. The doctor said it was just pressure build up from altitude change. I bought her lunch at Burger King before making her slave away the rest of the day.

We actually got most of the big room tiled yesterday. Toby bought a paddle to fit on the drill and make it easier to mix the mortar. Jesse killed the drill on the second batch of mortar. Although we worked on the electric cord of the drill, it was still dead. So I called Toby to let him know the drill was a gonner. He instisted on talking to Jesse to find out what happpened when the drill died. She told him it just died as if it had some sort of short - as it had done before. When she got off the phone, she launched into her best feminine southern voice, "I don't know how it broke. First there was this noise - like wrrr, wrrr. Then it got real hot, and flames shot out. After that it just quit." We both laughed at her antics, but we still had the problem of what to stir the mortar with. The little trowel was not big enough. The shovel was too big. I told Jess to look for the hoe - that it would be perfect. After searching for awhile, she said, "I can't find the hoe, but here is a golf club." Now you got to love a mind that works like that!


Bo said...

Don't you have 2 corded drills as well as a cordless drill?

inpassing said...

I called SB and read your blog to her complete with southern accent for Jesse's comment. SB was laughing so hard!