Monday, July 11, 2005

Back in the Saddle

We are now completely out of the old house. We have been in the new house for a week, but have had to go back and forth cleaning and working at the old place. To explain how much work this has been would take way too much time, but let me say a few things. I can't believe the amount of junk we accumulated in four years nor how dirty my house became in a few months. Toby's junk is larger and rustier than mine and much harder to move (we are talking useless farm equipment with bad tires). We will spend the next few months trying to get rid of the junk we had to move. It is almost overwhelming.

The new house has its problems, although I love it here. Because the barn is not built, my carport is filled with tools and things that should be in the barn. My kitchen cabinets are not built yet either. The house is filled with boxes and no place to put things. I can live with these things, but it does not make things easy. Yesterday, we finally got Toby to work on the TV (while we shuffle boxes). At least we can watch movies now. Also, we got him to work on the computer. My computer has lots of problems which made things not go so well for Toby, but it is running. The keyboard has lost its spacebar making things quite difficult. I can't remember which box I had the keyboard in so that maybe I could find the space bar. That just seems to be the way of things right now.

It does feel good to be in our home. I can live with the disorganization. Eventually, my body might recover too. My hands are still a mess from the tile work. My upper arms and forarms have problems all their own. Picking up something like the coffee pot is painful. Rolling down the window in our Dodge pick-up is almost impossible due to the pain it causes. I would say it is just old age (a large part is age), but Jesse has some of the same symptoms.

Speaking of Jesse, she has been asked by friends to fly to Charlotte, NC, and then travel with them to Myrtle Beach. I told her I was sure she was mistaken. They must have said "Turtle Beach, and it is some where in Oklahoma. She is pretty excited.

It is good to be back online and blogging even if things are chaotic in my life. I will blog more later, but I have lots of catching up with my favorite blog sites to do right now.

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Bo said...

TV first, then work on the barn and kitchen cabinets. Isn't that in the Bible somewhere?