Friday, July 15, 2005

The City

We had a great time in the City yesterday. The grandbaby was simply grand. She shopped for hours with us and never got cross or ugly. She was always happy and very silly (where does she get that?). Sometimes she could be a bit of a handful. Handful being the key word. It seemed to be a game to see what she could grab as we walked or strolled by things. She has quite the grippers too. In fact, I think the whole shopping experience was a game to her. I doubt that I won the game, but it was great fun.
Speaking of games, Jesse had two softball games last night. We were among the crowd of watchers. Most of the teams only have a few fans, but our team has whole families that turn out to watch. That is the way with most homeschooling families – they are very active in their children’s lives. Jesse was the hind-catcher, and she did a great job. There is just nothing like night games of softball in July. It is kind of like apple pie and Chevrolets. I noticed Jesse was charming the ump. She turned her big smile on him several times. They won the game too.
Jes looked quite pretty while we were shopping – she turned a few heads. It is a strange thing to have young men drooling over your daughter. She seems oblivious to it all. Bo and Sara joined us for lunch (there was no doubt whom the baby belonged to). The waiter managed to stand by Jesse’s chair to do most of his waiting. Another waiter came and stood beside him and asked if he needed any help with our table. Jesse just smiled at them. I would think most people thought the baby was Jes’ while we were shopping (I’m obviously the grandmother). With Lizzie’s antics and Jesse laughing at her, they both managed to turn some heads. At one point, a man walked past us in the mall and turned to laugh at Lizzie who apparently had given him a big smile. She continued to flirt with him. Every few steps he took, he would turn and look back at us to see if Lizzie was still flirting with him. She was. Beware, Bo. It looks like your day is coming.

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