Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I find it odd that I moved from way out in the country with very few neighbors to much closer to town and lots of neighbors, and I changed from a small telephone/computer company called Pioneer to the much larger SBC, yet now I cannot get DSL. I am bck to dial up fro my internet. Not being a true computer geek, I don't understand this. My computer is having some other difficulties too - probably needs a visit from Ernie The Computer Hero.

A really good thing that has come about since our move is that we have had more company. Yesterday, several folks just dropped by to see us. We were able to go see some friends the other night, and it did not take us hours to get there and get home. Jesse was able to run into Velma and tan at the tanning salon, visit Lindsay, and still get back before dark. I like being back on the beaten path. Later I may miss the quietness of being way out in the country, but right now I have enough country around me that I can step out in my nightgown, and no one can see me.

Another odd thing did happen last night. Ranger (the rat terrior) was sleeping with Jesse when he started barking. He came in and got in bed with us at that point. Then Jesse came in and said she thought that something ate the cat and to be careful when letting Ranger out of the house. Hmm, normally when something wakes Jesse up at night, she has some pretty strange thoughts - not usually intelligent thoughts. Once, Toby shot a gun out the door to make our dogs quit barking. Jesse got in the floor to sleep because she thought someone was shooting on our property, and she would be safer on the floor. She can be pretty funny when awakened out of a dead sleep. Back to the oddity, we have had a coyote crossing our pasture - not far from the house. We have seen him on several occasions. He seems fairly brave to be so close to the house. Maybe he really ate the cat. Maybe I will have to get a new guard dog (Rita, the cowdog is not too brave, and Ranger has never been brave at all). Maybe I will get more cats (and just feed him). Maybe a guard donkey would be nice. I love getting new animals.


OPB said...
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OPB said...

The Barker Boys vote for the guard donkey and then we can ride him too.

Tom said...

Do you like it out there? Good luck with your computer problems.

inpassing said...

As I was reading your blog, I was thinking that you need Ernie to look over the computer. By the way...I'm home!