Friday, August 26, 2005


Last night I sent out an email saying you should read Michael Yon’s blog. He is a reporter in Mosul, and he is right in the thick of things. In the past he has told about Deuce Four – the unit he is with and their heroic deeds especially LTC Kurilla. It is easy to read that Michael is very impressed and loves the guys he works with – Kurilla is like a super hero. Several days ago he briefly told that LTC K. had been shot three times. Yesterday he told the whole story. It is up-close and personal. It is a must read.

On a lighter note…Maybe I should say hotter note. It is hot here in OK. Yesterday the weatherman said the day would be "mild and muggy". What’s up with that? Why not just go ahead and say "hot and humid"? Maybe because the temperature was only 99 (not quite 100) that he thought "mild" was a good word. The heat index was more like 106. Today the small amount of wind we will get, will be from the south – great. That means it will be even hotter. There is the possibility that it will rain this weekend and cool down into the upper 90’s.

Truly, it has not been a bad summer, but I just get so tired of August and the heat. When we lived in NM, I would get so tired of the cold and the snow. February was the month of madness for me. I would tell my husband not to let me make any major decisions in Feb. because I was just not a sane person. The snow would start in October – by Halloween there was snow on the ground. The snow stayed until April. Sometimes, it would still snow in May and even June. The skiing in March is so wonderful that I did not mind March so much, and you could feel spring in the air. Feb. was just a month to get over the hump.

Now in OK, the month of madness is August. By August I am just tired of the heat. I know there will be more heat in September, but you can begin to feel fall, and that makes September okay. I am ready for the fall. I need to be able to go for a walk during the day – not at daybreak or dusk. I am ready for the summer critters (bugs) to die. Don’t let me make any major decisions.

I just keep telling myself, "You are not wearing full body armor and being shot at. Suck it up!"

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