Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A Hero

Years ago, I heard some "expert" on a talk show say that you should not read to your daughters stories like Cinderella, Snow White, or Sleeping Beauty. These fairy tales would make your daughter really believe a white knight would come riding into her life and sweep her off of her feet. Yet, what young lady does not dream of a knight in shining armor coming to her rescue and living happily ever after? You don’t have to have read fairy tales to get this message. You can watch movies, read books, or listen to music. Romance is the big seller. One of my favorite songs is on the sound track to "Bandits" and "Shrek 2". I am not sure of the name of it, but it says something like, " I need a hero. He has to be strong and he has to be fast and he has to be fresh from the fight…He has to be larger than life". Have we taught our daughters to want a "hero"?

Maybe the question should be "What do we (parents) want for our daughters?" As for Toby and me, we have taught our daughter to wait on the Lord – that in His timing He will bring a young man into her life. This young man will have to be a godly young man; one who is willing to lay down his life for his wife as Christ did for the church. This young man will have to be someone whom Jesse will be willing to be obedient (submit) to, therefore he will have to be a leader – leading his family to in God’s ways. He will have to be a provider allowing Jesse to be a homemaker and mother. He will have to love her with a 1 Cor. 13 kind of love that is patient, and kind and not selfish. Are there young men out there like who fit the requirements? Are we all waiting on a hero?

There have been some lessons at church recently directed to the young men on walking more godly and answering the calling of God. It was brought up that the young women of our fellowship seem to really "get it" when it comes to choosing to walk godly, but for some reason many of the young men just don’t understand. The world seems to have easier ways, and our young men seem to fall away pretty fast.

I will tell you now, we are holding out for a hero. We want a young man who will go into the battle for his wife and family. We have raised our daughter to be a courageous wife. She will need a hero to walk with her equally yoked.

Yesterday, Jesse and I saw a pick-up truck with tinted windows and all sorts of bumper stickers. One sticker said, "Don’t laugh, your daughter might be in here." Another sticker said, "Drink till she is cute, but leave before the wedding." I remarked to Jesse that this guy might as well get a sticker that says, "I like my women just a little on the trashy side." Jesse said (in her very blunt way of speaking) that he should get a sticker that says, "I am a colossal ass." That’s my girl!

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