Tuesday, August 02, 2005


My day in WF went well. First Mom and I took Dad to the oncologist. My little brother joined us there for the appointment. While in the waiting room (do they still call them that?) Mom said that maybe Dad had "Plurasie" since he has been having chest pains. I teased Mom about the word "plurasie" – was is really a word, was it an East Texas word, did she make it up, was she sure how to say it…When my brother arrived, he joined in the teasing. He said he thought the word meant "the plural form of another word" saying "I think that is the ‘pluralsie’ of that word." We went on and on making Mom probably a little irritated with us, but teasing is what we do best. Of course, Mom was very smug when the doctor explained that pluritis is an inflammation of the lining of the lungs. Then we were very smug when she explained that the "old way" to say it was how Mom was saying it. As it turns out, Dad does not have pluritis, he has two broken ribs from one of his falls.

Last week while in WF, Pete and I got tickled at some silly thing. We were laughing together, teasing each other while Mom was, once again, irritated with us. We have always maintained that we were a family of teasers picking on who ever opens themselves up for a good teasing (usually our baby sister). After thinking about it, maybe this teasing trait is more pronounced in the middle children of our family, or maybe the middle children are just better at it (after all we are smarter and better looking than the others). One thing I do know is that whenever I get with my little brother, I have a great time. There is a reason we have those lines around our eyes – it is from laughing and enjoying life.


OPB said...

I must agree. You and your brother are the smartest and the best looking.

inpassing said...

I laughed so hard at Pete's reply that I almost spit on myself laughing out loud!!