Monday, September 26, 2005

Good Advice

Saturday morning Sara, Bo and Lizzie showed up to help work on the yard. We have this plan to build a patio on the east side of the house. Lizzie loves being outside, but she is so fair-haired that we had to bring her in shortly while Bo and Toby continued to work outside. Then my Mom called to say that my cousin, Pam, was coming to see Dad. Since my brother, Craig, was also in town, Mom thought we might want to drive over and see every one. When I got off the phone with Mom, I told my family what was going on, and we made a plan to go see my cousin and brother.

Jesse asked if Darin, Pam’s husband, would be there. I said that I did not know. Sara asked who’s Darin and why do you care if he is there. Jesse explained who Darin was and then said, "He thinks I am pretty, and he is very good-looking." Sara looked pretty confounded by these statements especially together and coming from Jesse. So Jesse explained, "If someone as good-looking as Darin thinks that I am pretty, maybe there is someone else out there for me who is like him and will also think that I am pretty."

Sara, who is just so sweet and wonderful, said, "Of course, you are pretty, Jesse." Then she gave Jesse the speech about waiting patiently for the right guy (her hero – read past blog posting). She told how she too had been discouraged at one time and how her family had encouraged her to wait - that there was a special young man that God was preparing just for her. It was wise advice and truly, wonderful that she loves her sister-in-law and is an encouragement to her. But she was being so serious, and you know me. I just could not let a good tease go by. So, when she finished her little speech, I said, "Well, Sara, that is all well and good, but not really very encouraging because we know how your wait turned out. You got Bo!"

You can tell Sara has been with us for a while now, and she knows me well. She knew I was teasing her and laughed, but she also said she was very happy with Bo. I think I am very blessed with such a daughter-in-law.

We did go to WF. We had a great time seeing Pam and Darin and Garrett. It was good to see Craig too. Once again, I am thankful that the Barker's are such a close family.

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