Tuesday, November 22, 2005

GI Jesse

Jesse came in and laid across our bed the other night just to talk. My kids have done this from the time they were little. Sometimes we had to practically run them off when we were sleepy, but it has always been a joy to have kids who want to be with you and tell you about their day.
Since I had not seen Jesse for a few days, she had lots to tell. She and Lindsay had gone paint balling with the younger kids from our fellowship. I have never been a big fan of paint ball games. It seems a little cruel that they hunt each other down and shoot each other. I know that it is all in fun and that they play games like Capture the Flag, but being hit with paint balls just does not sound like fun to me. But I am just a mother – what do I know. Apparently more than Jesse and Lindsay did.

Jesse has never been very good at Hide-an-seek. As a little girl, she always got too excited to stay hidden. Usually she would squeal and give away her position. Now picture these two beautiful 23-year old girls in their cammo clothes and paint ball gear (mask, gun, and canisters) among a group of jr. high and high school aged kids – mostly boys. J and L thought they were going to have fun and shoot up the kids. It did not turn out so fun. Jesse said that they were repeatedly shot up by the boys. She was quite entertaining as she told how she was still taking the safety off of her gun when she was shot. She said she had difficulty seeing out of her mask (it was probably covered in paint). Then while army crawling up a hill thinking she was out of sight, being very cool, someone shot her in the back. At one point she hid behind a tree while two of the enemy were near by, but she was too excited to shoot (at least she did not squeal). But the funniest was that someone shot her in the belly – up close and personal. She said she fell over backwards as if she were dead. The kids all thought she was great – very melodramatic, but she said she was really hurt.

Lindsay did not do much better. They were both covered in bruises. Toby and I could not help but laugh at her story. Then she showed us the welts – perfect circles- on her belly and back. Ouch! Next time maybe she will listen to her mother – yeah right.

I am headed back to WF today and will be there until after Thanksgiving. Be in prayer for my family.

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