Thursday, January 19, 2006

Fire and Stuff

With the warm windy winter we are having (great alliteration), the fire danger has been very high. Yesterday evening we could see smoke from the Ft. Sill fire (northwest), the Ryan (south) fire and the Ratliff City (east) fire. The first big fire was the Sunday after Thanksgiving. This one was only about three miles east of my house. Sixteen homes were burned in that fire. The government is willing to give disaster money to people whose homes were destroyed by fire starting Dec. 30, but not before. What’s up with that? Since that first fire, probably over 50 homes have been burned and one small town. It has been amazing. If it were a normal wet winter, some ranchers would be doing controlled burns on their property anyway. Burning grass and brushy areas is not a bad thing. The land will come back green and beautiful next spring (if we have rain), but the homes and barns and such that have burned has been awesome and a bit scary.

Change of topic: The big wedding is this weekend. The bride is just bubbling with excitement. It has been fun to watch her as the wedding draws near. The groom has been waiting for this event for five years. It should be the wedding of the year. The groom’s mother has a cold – so pray for her. Toby and I are babysitting during the rehearsal dinner – pray for us. The bride’s father is performing the ceremony – pray for him. I will tell you all about it next week.

Another change: Read One Marine's View It is really great.

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