Friday, January 27, 2006

Ski Fashion

After Dancing with the Stars things got plum silly last night. The show goes off at 8:30 which is too early for bed and too late to start a movie. Most of the time, we spend the evenings reading. Last night Jesse entertained us with a fashion show of the clothes she had bought for her ski trip. She may not have enough money to actually ski, but she will look really good standing around on the slopes. First she came out in a new ski jacket that she had bought for $12.00. She was quite proud of herself for finding such a great buy. As she paraded around the room in her jacket and airplane pajamas, she did look lovely. She pointed out that the inside of the coat was removable – so it was like buying two jackets – another real deal. The tag actually said four coats in one, but she could not figure out the other two. She said, "You can find really good deals if you are willing to wait until the end of the season." Then changing her voice to her sweet Southern drawl she added, "and if you are willing to wear something slightly less stylish." The coat was white with some light, lime green stripes. She put the hood up and said, "I wish it had fur – then I would look like one of the evil skiers on James Bond." It reminded me of when she was a little girl and she begged me to buy her some lacy white gloves. She immediately took them out of the package and put them on in the store. Spreading her fingers wide and wiggling them around she said, "Now I can steal something."

Next she put on a lime green vest that she bought for $4.88 – another real deal. Toby asked her if she bought clothes just to keep other people from having them. He got the silly giggle in response. The vest was cute also. She pointed out how it would go with the jacket. Toby asked if it were reversible. She said, "Why yes" (Southern Drawl). Then she took it off and put it on wrong side out with the tag and seems showing. "See," she said, "some people could wear it this way, but the pockets don’t work too well." Once again the vest looked really stylish with her airplane PJs. Toby and I were entertained. As we began to get ready for bed, Jesse went off to her room. We could hear her playing her harmonica (I should say learning to play her harmonica). Toby looked at me and said, "Do you think our daughter is going to prison?" I live with a bunch of smart alecks.


the friendly neighborhood piper said...

picture me and Bo holding our finest mugs filled with pure malten beverage lifting high a toast to you..."BRILLIANT!!!"

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