Monday, February 13, 2006


My scattered thoughts became more scattered today with the news of the death of my Aunt Dottie. Aunt Dottie was not actually my aunt, but as kids we were not allowed to call our elders by their first name. Sometimes, we were too close to them to call them Mrs. Soandso, therefore we called them aunt or uncle. That is the case with Aunt Dottie. Aunt Dottie had a great laugh that she used often. She was a police officer for the Town of Red River. She practically ran the town, but she did it with a great sense of humor and a great out-look on life. She once told me that Taos County was the only place in the world where there could be a three car collision, and when the ambulance got there, there would be no people in any of the cars - no drivers, and everyone's car had been stolen the night before. I will miss her.

In the morning I will pick up my mom and head to NM. I am looking forward to the road trip with Mom and seeing lots of old friends.

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