Friday, February 10, 2006

Good Morning

The coffee pot died this morning. It let made a loud bellow and water gushed out setting the dog to barking. I leaped out of bed to see what was happening - Toby was unaware in the shower. He joined me as I was mopping up. Not good. We made espresso in our little Italian espresso pot. It looks like a midget coffee pot and only makes a small amount - who could drink more than a small amount of that stuff anyway? We call the espresso pot a "bombardo" because that is the word the Italian lady used when warning us about making espresso. So far, we have not blown up any kitchens here or in Italy. I have now had two small cups of espresso, and I am wired for the day. I may try to put a picture on my blog - yeah I am up for that!

1 comment:

Buck Pennington said...

¡Cómo es terrible! I have no back-up. If my coffee pot died suddenly and unexpectedly something or someone else probably would, too. And you wouldn't want to be in my way if I had to venture out and buy a new pot without my morning fix. Coffee is mission-essential!