Saturday, February 18, 2006

Home Again

After driving straight through from Northern NM and dropping Mom off in WF, I got home about midnight Thursday. It was good to step into my little home which was clean and neat (must have been the cleaning fairy or a good daughter). The house smelled of garlic - a tell tale sign that not only did Jesse clean the house, she cooked Italian for her father. I also noticed a pan of brownies - the cat was away and the mice ate well. The next morning Jesse filled me in on all the happenings while I was away. She had been to Wal Mart and seen a friend of mine who had asked, "Do you and your dad just snack while your mom is gone?" Jesse replied, "Heck no! Mom is always on a diet; we eat good stuff when she is gone." Jesse had also bought good stuff for Friday night so that I did not have to cook - porkchops with some sort of new sauce, Southwestern sweetpotatoes, and aspargus. It is always great to have her try out new recipes on us, but not always so good on my diet. It is good to be home.

This morning Jesse and I messed with the image thing on the computer. I have a program that I downloaded (thanks to Buck) that is suppose to help with sizing. We have some other things we are going to try too. Expect more pictures in the future.

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Buck Pennington said...

"There's NO place like home."

I'm glad things went well in Red River, BB. Your Aunt Dottie sounds like she was a wonderful and well-loved woman. RIP.