Friday, March 10, 2006

Art Girls - Farm Girls

Although the day started out cloudy and cold, the sun did come out and shine. My art girls and I decided not to try and paint in the cold and the wind, but we did go to Medicine Park for lunch and then kicked around the river walk. We took some silly pictures that I cannot seem to post, but will keep trying. We also went into Lawton to Hobby Lobby - just what an artist wants on her birthday. The best part was laughing and being silly with my girls.

Jesse gave me another birthday present. She gave me a new purse and wallet. She said that she had started to give me a BB gun. But according to Jesse, "A purse is a gift that you don't usually buy for yourself, but a BB gun you can buy any old time." When she told her brother that she was thinking of buy me a BB gun, he said, "Who are you buying this for - you or Mom?" The funny part is that I would love to have a BB gun. Jesse and I are such farm girls! In fact, the other day we were driving in town when a pick-up truck with a low-boy goose-neck trailer pulled in front of us. It was a small trailer, but it had a huge load of concrete rocks as if someone had busted up pavement. As the trailer went by us, both Jesse and I said at the same time, "Wow, did you see those tires? There gonna blow!" It was funny that we both recognized too heavy a load and bad, bald tires. We decided to stay well away from that trailer. Of course, that comes from using old tires on lots of our farm equipment or hauling Toby's bulldozer on an old trailer. We know when it is time to stay way back.

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