Wednesday, March 29, 2006


The imitation Seurat painting that I posted yesterday is in Medicine Park on a building called the Blue Parrot Gallery. I had read about the painting and gallery in the local paper over a year ago and had wanted to see the painting and place. Unfortunately, the lady who painted the picture and had the gallery sold her gallery and painting to someone else. The new owner was a typical hippie-chick who had turned the gallery into a junk store (not a very good one at that). The hippie-chick gave us a little speech about Medicine Park being a "vortex" for artists while we listened politely thinking "what a weirdo". I am sure my art girls were "awed" by the hippie-chick – never having been around someone so odd. But Jesse and I have lived in NM (Taos to be specific) and this lady had nothing on Taos weirdos. In fact, if Medicine Park is a vortex for artists, Taos is a black hole.

So I was disappointed in the gallery, but not the painting. Buck mentioned Seurat as being one of his favorite artists and put a link to his favorite Seurat in my comments. I have to admit that I love Seurat or most anything impressionistic. Okay, I admit that I love all sorts of art. The OK City Art Museum has had some good shows, and so has OU. I have taken my art girls to a few of these shows. Once again we were awed especially with the Impressionists. When Jesse and I were in DC going through the galleries, we could have stayed all day, but we were kind to Jeff, our Air Force Captain escort who had been there-done that several times while stationed in DC. We did manage to see a special Picasso show while in Washington. I was thrilled by the artwork, while my cousin slept on a bench in the gallery.

The artwork in Italy was incredible. To stand in front of Michelangelo’s David was beyond describing. My family had to peal me off of the glass wall at St. Peter’s when I stood in front of Michelangelo’s Pieta. I did get sort of tired of all of the Catholic paintings before we left Italy. The domo in Florence was just downright scary. I think the Catholic artists do a good job of trying to scare the hell out of you (literally). Then we stumbled into a Cezanne show in Rome purely by accident. I think we were suppose to have paid or waited in line, but someway, we just walked into the museum and viola, there was the C├ęzanne show. I am sure it was the language barrier or the dumb American tourist syndrome that got us in. Whatever, I was impressed. Once again, my family had to drag me out. Although, I did have a fear of being thrown out.

Yeah, I like art, and I am easily impressed. What is really cool, though, is to see my art student’s faces when they see famous artwork. Better yet, when they complete a painting themselves, and they like their painting, that is good stuff.

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Buck Pennington said...

In fact, if Medicine Park is a vortex for artists, Taos is a black hole.

LOL! Ain't that the truth! My ex-girlfriend introduced me to Taos. One of our favorite activities was spending a long weekend in Taos browsing the galleries. She insisted we take her Cherokee (rather than my Miata) when we went because the woman didn't only browse, she bought. The Miata didn't have enough room to carry all the stuff back home after one of those trips... Taos has a lot of kitsch, but there's some good stuff, too.

I admire you for instilling your love of art in young people.