Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Circle of Life

After my exercise class, I went to WF to spend the day with Mom. We got her tax return in the mail - yeha! She showed me what she is taking on her trip to Birmingham. I happen to know that her friend, Nelda, is a snazzy dresser, but she will have some compitetion this time. Mom and I ate at Chedders (our favorite place these days) and then did some shopping at the mall (no need to mention Hobby Lobby because it is a given that I went there). We bought some much needed undergarments for Mom guaranteed to make her have that sexy look (glad someone in the family has it). Then we found a great pair of shoes on sale, and that is the reason we bought them. We couldn't have someone else buying them. Now we have a reason to do more shopping - in order to find something that goes with the shoes. It is the circle of life.

I will go back to WF on Friday and spend the night with Mom in order to take her to DFW on Saturday. I am sure we can squeeze in some more shopping then.

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Buck Pennington said...

Then we found a great pair of shoes on sale...

I read this somewhere recently: "a man will pay twice as much for something he needs, while a woman will pay half as much for something she doesn't need."

Couldn't let that one slide by... :-)