Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Intelligent Discussions

Toby called my cell phone the other day to ask if we had any plans for Tuesday. I told him we had no plans other than my art class. It turns out he had tickets to hear Colin Powell in OK City. He didn’t really ask me to go with him although he said I could if I wanted to. He wanted our son, Bo, to meet him in the City and hear Powell, have dinner – he said he wanted someone he could discuss things with. Hmm, now I know he did not mean that as it sounded, but maybe I should have felt insulted. Actually, I understood him perfectly, and I did not really want to go anyway. So he met up with Bo, and they had seats on the front row (said he was close enough to spit on them if he wanted). Later they picked up Sara and the Grandbaby and went to dinner. He said it was a great time, and he really enjoyed Mr. Powell.

Knowing that Toby was off in the City having a big time, Jesse and I went to Velma to eat at the Chuckwagon and then picked up a movie, "Pride and Prejudice". We had great discussions throughout the movie – how close did they follow the book, how was the casting of the characters, etc. We thought Keira Knightley was good as Elizabeth, but Mr. Darcy’s character could have been cast better. Mr. Bingly made us laugh because he was so ridiculous. We loved the portrayal of Mr. Collins. The movie was fun, but the book was better. Jesse and I were so intelligent, one wonders why Toby did not want to take us to hear Colin Powell.

Towards the end of the movie there was this very romantic scene with Mr. Darcy coming out of the dawn mist, coat floating on the breeze, walking to Elizabeth to declare his love. There was a close up of their faces and Mr. Darcy dramatically said, "I love (pause) love you." It sounded more like, "I luff, luff, you". It was so silly, that I had to mock it. Jesse said, "Did you see his eye twitch. I thought he was going to sneeze!" With that, we both fell into fits of giggles – no, it was more like belly laughs. Now I understand why Toby did not take us to hear Colin Powell.

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