Friday, March 03, 2006

More on the Fire

After my exercise class this morning, I went quilting. The ladies at our church make a wedding ring quilt for each young coulple that gets married. We have an upcoming wedding, therefore, we are making a quilt. These get-togethers are great fun even though I don't sew. I can sew, but I choose not to for the sake of those around me. Usually, I cut material, piece together material, and iron. And best of all, I laugh and visit.

We had several good discussions today. I was able to hear a little more on how the fires affected different people. One of the ladies is married to a Duncan firefighter. She said that he was fighting fires south of Duncan in an area called Empire on Wednesday. Her husband estimated that over 50 homes were burned. He said that the fire was moving so fast due to the wind that it was difficult to keep up. One house was fine; then the next minute the roof was on fire. Before they could get the hoses to it, the fire had burned through to the attic, and the house was a gonner. He also said the "smoke tornadoes" were bad causing severe visibility problems. A sheriff's car was following a fire truck, but had to swerve to miss the truck when it stopped. The sheriff's car hit a telephone pole and was soon on fire. Another young firefighter from our church said the fire went under the camper he lives in burning everything, but not catching the camper on fire while homes all around were destroyed. The Kiblers's Hat Top ranch was pretty much burned up. The house and barn were saved, but the deer are in bad shape (they raise white-tail deer). The land looks so barren and black. It will come back beautiful and green this spring, but the loss of homes and businesses is awesome.

There were other stories, but those were the ones I thought would interest my blog readers. It was good to be with my friends and hear what was going on in their lives even if I did have to cut pieces of material just to sew them back together. Pray for rain.

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