Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My Monday

Jesse and I went to WF yesterday to see Mom. I helped her find a roundtrip flight to Birmingham to visit friends. She is really looking forward to this trip. We had to do some shopping while we were there - she will need new clothes for her trip, of course. We ate at Chedders, and then did more shopping. Mom is still looking at breakfast tables, so we went to Ashley's. The young salesman was very attentive and helpful - we will take Jesse more often. I thought he was going to follow us to the car. He was kind of cute in a hairy sort of way.

Speaking of Jesse, she has a funny way of seeing things or understanding things like no other person that I know. When she was younger, she called the hazard lights on our car, the "tragedy lights". She is always close to the right words, but doesn't quite get there. She has been reading some book (I think it is "Lord Vanity" by Shellabarger, 1953)in which the character has a peculiar talent - "slight of hand". Yesterday she was talking about the character, but could not think of the right words. She called it "shorthand". Makes perfect sense if you think about it.

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