Monday, April 03, 2006

Back on Track

Last Thursday my phone went dead. This, of course, effected my computer use. Toby tried to call in the problem from his office. The AT&T worker asked for my SSN since the phone is in my name. Toby could not remember my SSN; therefore, he could not report the phone problem. It seemed funny to me that they would not let him report the problem because he was not me. Do you think they get a lot of false reports - people calling in saying someone’s phone is not working just as a prank? When Toby got home from work, he checked the phone lines and determined that the problem was not our lines, but the AT&T lines coming to the house. He had me call AT&T this time. The lady asked me all sorts of questions before we got to the problem, but not one of the questions had to do with my SSN. She did ask me for my 911 address. I told her that I did not have one. I had to repeat this several times for her to understand. Then she said, "Is your 911 address 22985 Stephens County?" I told her that I did live in Stephens County, but I did not know about the rest of the address. At this point she started laughing. I asked her to repeat the address, so I could write it down. She laughed harder. I did not find her so amusing the next day when my phone was still not working as she had promised. Someone called to say it was not my phone lines, but the lines to the box on the highway (duh), and it would take cable work. They assured me they would be working on Saturday – liars. I find that I can live fairly well without my TV, but I miss my computer when it is down. I think I could live without AT&T if I had other internet source.

Also last Thursday, we had our first tornado watch of the season. Of course, I had no computer or TV to watch the weather. Normally, I would not worry, but I had several of my art girls here, and I felt a big responsibility for them. Toby called my cell phone to say there was a tornado watch. I called my neighbor to ask her to report any important weather bulletins. She called back to say the weatherman reported cloud rotations. Sure enough, we all went outside and watched the clouds slowly swirling, which was pretty ominous. None of my girls seemed worried. We really thought the storm would miss us, and it did. Such is life in Tornado Alley.

It is good to be back online. Maybe this week we can get the TV working again, but I can live without it. I have several books to read anyway.

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Buck Pennington said...

I wondered what happened! I just assumed you'd taken a few days off to go see Mom, or up to Norman, or something...

Yeah, I can live without the TV, but not my computer. I went over a month last year without my computer (bad motherboard...) and thought I was gonna expire. That's a pretty sad commentary on my so-called-life, now that I think about it!