Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Boo Boo

For some reason my computer has been giving me a hard time. Yesterday I tried to comment on some of the blogs I read only to be bumped off line as soon as I hit the "publish" button. It was a bit frustrating. My computer has also been extremely slow. I don't know if it is the computer or the connection. Because I have had a busy week, I have just not had time to deal with it.

Yesterday, I went to Ada with my daughter-in-law and grandbaby. I took care of the wild one while her mother had an appointment. I introduced the baby to a water fountain. You would have thought she had found the greatest toy in the world. After a while, holding her up so that she could get a drink (hold her face in the water) became tiring. Who would think one so small could be so fast or could open a heavy glass door by herself? I took a big dog nap when I got home - I don't know about the baby, but I was worn out. Later in the evening, Toby and I had to do a quick trip to town. It turns out that the grandbaby's favorite stuffed animal went missing. I found it in my yard - one of my handy dogs probably got it and hid it. It did give us a great excuse to see the baby again and play with her some more. This time I let her grand-dad chase her while I just watched and laughed. This grandbaby stuff is good. By the way, she calls me Boo Boo or Boop Boo (hard to tell for sure). Not the name I would have chosen, but when she says it with her French accent (where did that come from?) she is just pretty cute.

I have been working on a post about immigration, but it has been difficult to get all my thoughts in order. Maybe "order" is the key word to the whole problem. I will have to think on it more, and I just don't seem to have time to solve the world's problems this week.

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