Monday, April 24, 2006

The Weekend and a Jesse Story

We had a good weekend. Friday was such a pretty day that when Toby got home from work, we loaded up the kayak and the bicycles and headed to the lake. Jesse paddled first while Toby and I rode our bikes around the trails. Toby paddled next while I sat and read my book, and Jesse rode my bike. My bike is nearly 20 years old, but it is a great bike. Back when "mountain bikes" first came out with all the gears and heavier tires and such, a friend of ours bought several to rent to tourist in Red River. At the end of the season, I bought one from him – a green one like my first five-speed bike back in jr. high. This mountain bike has been through lots, but it a better bike than the new one I bought Toby a couple of years ago. Finally, I took my turn in the kayak. I have been putting off taking it out. The lake has been pretty chilly, and I did not want to be the first one to turn it over. I did well, and I liked it too. We may be getting a second kayak soon.

On Saturday we drove to Ft. Worth with Bo, Sara, and the Wild Thing. We decided to have lunch at Joe T. Garcias down at the Stockyards. It was wonderful, but I should have had a margarita or maybe a Tecate to be like the natives. There was a large Hispanic family eating near us with lots of kids and lots of noise. I wanted to move over to their table. I should have had a bigger family. We did not get to shop the Stockyard stores which was a disappointment, but the baby needed a nap. The car show turned out to be at a racetrack in Crescent, and there was a $10.00 a head charge to just walk around and see the cars. At this point we split up with the men staying to see the car show and the women going to Granbury to shop. Shopping with the Wild Thing was, well, wild. I was worn out, hot and tired by the time the boys called us to come and pick them up. I really needed that margarita now, but I settled for strawberry ice cream.

While shopping, I saw a drinking glass with the USAF logo on it. I started to buy it for Jesse, because it reminded me of a funny story about her. Back in December at the time of Dad’s funeral, there was lots of family in WF. Toby and I rented a hotel room, but Jesse chose to go stay out at Sheppard Air Force Base with my uncle and cousins. Apparently, the base has wonderful, cheap lodging. Since Jesse loves anything to do with planes, she chose the Base. Also, my cousins are lots of fun. I’m sure that the thought of seeing young, handsome airmen had nothing to do with her decision. The condo that housed my cousins was very nice. The rooms had the USAF logo on all sorts of things from pens, pads, trashcans, etc. One morning, Jesse called down to the lodging office. She gave her name and room number and asked the young man at the desk, "How much are your trashcans?" She wanted to buy a trashcan with the USAF logo on it. Most people would have stolen it, but Jesse is too honest for that. The young man at the desk was stumped – confused to say the least. He said he did not know what they cost. Jesse was persistent. He eventually came up with a price - $16.95. Jesse thought this over, and told him that was too much for a trashcan – thank you very much and good-bye. My cousins were aghast, but rolling on the floor. Before they checked out, they gathered up all of the pens and paper (free-bees) and gave them to Jesse. She was pleased.


Buck Pennington said...

The condo that housed my cousins was very nice.

Agreed, in spades! One of the better bennies us retired military folks get...being able to stay in transient lodging facilities on a "space available" basis. I'll be going out to Maine in June for my oldest grand-daughter's HS graduation, and Son Number Two is booking SN1 and I in the Navy transient quarters at NAS Brunswick. While Navy quarters aren't nearly as good as the USAF's, the price is certainly right!


Bag Blog said...

Great! Steal me some stuff with Navy logo.