Friday, May 05, 2006

We have been getting some wonderful rains. Jesse was able to till up the garden and plant a few things. She also tilled up the sand that we had put down last fall for our patio. Some of you might remember the brick stories from past posts. Jesse wanted to do a patchwork quilt type patio made with an assortment of bricks. Some old man had a pile of bricks in his pasture that he was willing to sell us. They were good solid red bricks. We were happy digging through them right up until we found the snake. It was a beautiful snake, but a snake. We decided we had enough of those bricks and moved on. Anyway, the sand needed to be tilled – it has been brick-hard through the winter and had grass and weeds growing in it After one of the recent rains, I stepped out to grill some hamburgers - sinking about knee deep in the freshly tilled patio sand. I had to turn and lunge for the back steps. It is like quicksand now.

We have also done some more work on my kitchen cabinets. I helped Toby sand on them, but he has been doing most (all) of the work. They are really taking shape. Wow, a kitchen sink with cabinets – it may be too much for me.

Wednesday I went to WF and spent the day with Mom. Jesse went too. It was a really good day. We got lots accomplished – shopping and errands. At one point, Mom got teared up which is not unusual, but this time I did not see it coming. One minute she was talking about my sister, Kathy, and her new job. She was saying that she had bought Kathy new clothes for her new job, that Kathy would be getting a new vehicle, and how glad she was for Kathy. Then she turned and just started crying. It so took me by surprise, that I just stood staring. I said, "Wow, Mom! Was it the shopping for new clothes, the getting a new car – cause those things certainly make me cry." Mom got tickled, then, and started laughing. She said that she had just thought about how Dad would want her to spend some money on Kathy getting her ready for the new job, and it just made her tear up. She’s right. Dad would want that, but wow, women have such weird thought processes and emotions. It takes another woman to keep up.

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