Monday, May 01, 2006

The Weekend

What a refreshing rain! Someone at church said that we got about 2 inches of rain this weekend. I wouldn’t know because the rain gauge disappeared again. We had one on the fence, but the horses kept knocking it off. Then the dogs would get it and carry it away, or we would mow over it in the tall grass along the fence. Then we got a gauge that you put in the yard. Although we have a designated rock driveway, it is amazing how many people ignore the rocks and drive in our yard. That could be because it still looks like part of the pasture. Either someone drove over the rain gauge, or possibly the dogs got it, but it is gone. Toby says it rains more when we do not have one up.

We went to The City on Saturday morning. The weather was so cool that I made Toby buy me a summer sweater. We had lunch with my son, daughter-in-law, and the Wild Thing. Wild Thing was quite entertaining as usual. Toby and I ran some errands including a trip to the motorcycle place and Harbor Freight. We also picked up the new kayak – a yellow two-seater. When we got home from The City, the sun had come out, and it was very nice. Jesse had some friends over making the house very small, so Toby and I took the kayak out to the lake for a test spin. It is going to take some practice for the two of us to row together and keep the kayak going straight, but it was fun.

After church on Sunday, some friends had a cookout/volleyball party. It was the first of many now that the weather is warm. Although I played volleyball too, my team was not very good. That left plenty of time to set on the sidelines and hoot and holler with my gal-pals and watch the babies playing in the side-sand of the court. It made for a very nice weekend. Notice that I did not do any spring cleaning this weekend.

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