Thursday, June 22, 2006

Vacation Picture

This picture was taken after our amazing funyak trip down the Rio Grande. Our guides, Barry, Tony, and Alexa - Jesse, Lindsay and me. We took more pictures - and if they ever dry out, maybe we can get them developed :) Did I mention that our sunscreen did a great job. One little thing you should be aware of, though, sunscreen only works as well as the applier. The top of my feet burned to a nice toasty brown and beyond. I look like part of the Blackfoot tribe. It was all worth it. We had a wonderful time. Our guides were as smart and helpful as they were cute. Alexa was having her 25th birthday party and invited my girls to attend. It was to be a disco party complete with shining ball. The boys invited the girls to play volleyball with them "if you are not easily offended". Now what does that mean? My girls had to pass on both parties since they were headed up to CO.

If you go to you can learn more about the raft trips. Cisco, the owner of Los Rios is an old friend. He is first generation Mexican/American whose parents worked in Los Alamos while he grew up playing on the river. Cisco is now a father of two, but in his day he was something unique. He sported a long, black braid under his cowboy hat. He usually wore jean shorts with his cowboy boots (which was amazingly a good look since he had great legs). His eyes were the bluest blue, and he could ballroom dance. The girls loved him. I only looked (and occasionally danced).

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Buck Pennington said...

Great photo, Lou. It sure looks like all y'all needed that sunscreen, including your female guide. It's been a long time since I've seen a group of folks so fair-skinned.

Isn't it interesting how "tan" just isn't "in" any longer? Thank God...because as a redhead (before the gray) I really suffered back in the day. Now? No worries!