Friday, July 28, 2006


About the time my art girls finished up, Toby came home and wanted to go play golf. Sure. Just let me change hats. Keep in mind that this is Velma, OK. The golf course is a simple nine-hole course – hard as a rock and dry as a bone. As we pulled up to the clubhouse, both of us noticed that there was an American flag flying. It was so worn and tattered that there were no stripes left – just the blue and stars with a few ratty strands of cloth were all that was left. Both of us remarked that we did not like that and something should be done.

It was 6:00 PM, and still very warm outside. Toby was in a hurry to start so that we could get as many holes in as possible before dark. We have little pull carts to pull behind us as we walk the course. Why play golf if you are not going to get some exercise? By the second hole, sweat had formed pools of water where my sunglasses set against my cheeks. I had to lift my glasses and let the water run down my face. By the third hole, clouds were forming, and it was rather nice. A young teen-ager named Zach joined us about that time. He had a golf cart, but we continued to walk. The clouds really moved in, and we could hear some rumbling of thunder, but we kept playing – enjoying the coolness. While we were putting on the 8th hole, big fat raindrops started to fall. Before we could finish the hole, it was pouring. We made it back to the clubhouse where the owner/manager was sitting out on the porch. I don’t know the man at all. He was probably in his 50’s sitting there without his shirt, drinking a beer, and enjoying the weather. We sat down at a nearby table to wait out the rain. Conversation was mostly about the rain since it has been a while since we have had any. Then Toby mentioned the flag. The man said he had ordered a new one. It would have been nice if that had been all he said, but the man continued to give us his opinion on "Old Glory".

This redneck Okie launched into how stupid he thought the war in Iraq was, how it was un-winnable, and how we have an ignorant president. He said much more, but you probably get the gist. Toby and I looked at each other, but kept quiet thinking the man would shut up if we did not say anything. But no, the man was too stupid to realize everyone did not share or want to hear his opinion. As I sat there and heard his Okie nasal twang (worse than mine) go on and on, I decided that he needed to know that we did not feel the same way. So, I said, "I think we are already in Iraq, and we need to finish what we started…" He interrupted me as stupid people do with, "But ma’am (deep nasal whining) we can’t win! Just like Vietnam..." He went on and on. When I could get back into the conversation, I said, "But we are not in Vietnam. We are in Iraq." He interrupted again. "Ma’am, I’ve been wearing this ‘I support the troops’ bracelet since the beginning of the war, but we are over there on lies….and our Marines are killing babies and murdering people…more insurgents keep rising up. We can’t win!" He said lots of stuff that made me hot. Where did he come up with such stuff?

Now I realized that this man was really ignorant, but I was ready to fight (not physically – although I would if I had to). Toby gave me the shake of the head telling me to leave it alone and said, "Hey, let’s go get some supper." When we got in the truck, I asked Toby if he was worried that I was going to get in a fight in front of Zach, and he would have to get me out (wouldn’t be the first time). But Toby was just as irritated as I was. He just said that the redneck Okie was to stupid too argue with – just no point in it – we would not change anything. Toby was right, of course, but I was needing a good fight. As we drove on home, Toby said, in his quiet way, "I guess I will have to find a new place to play golf."

On a lighter note, when we got home, I made quesadillas for us and Jesse. As we sat around the table, Jesse told us that she had gotten a phone call – a survey. The lady on the phone had asked if we drank soda pop at our house. Jesse said yes. The lady asked if we drank drinks like beer. Jesse said yes. She asked if we drank coffee. Jesse said yes. Then she asked if we drank juice. Jesse said no. At this point, Jesse realized how that sounded and started to laugh. It made us sound like rather un-healthy folks. We got a good laugh out of it. And we needed to laugh.


Laurie said...

Yeah, I don't understand how some people seem to have ideas so far out like that. When I get upset about stuff I go home and pet the cat and listen to him purr for awhile, that calms me down.

Becky said...

The results of your friendly left wing MS at work. To bad Buck wasn't there. He he he... Now THAT is something I would have liked to see!

Becky said...

Duhhh, that should read "your friendly left wing MSM at work".

Bag Blog said...

Although I knew what you were saying, Becky, I had a brief thought that you could have put a "P" in front of the MS and it would have made sense too - sort of :)

Buck Pennington said...

God protects small children and idiots. It's the idiots that really need the blessings, though.

Hey Becky...I assume you mean Captain Buck, right?