Monday, July 31, 2006

In all Seriousness

I need to be doing major housecleaning, and here I am sitting at my computer. Tomorrow night I am hosting a Premier Design Jewelry party. Yeha! What was I thinking to get myself into this? Oh well, it is incentive to really clean the house, and I like jewelry.

I have been blog surfing and commenting on other blogs today. Buck always has interesting things to say on current issues. If you want some great links to different viewpoints on the Hezbollah/Israel conflict, visit Buck. It makes my blog seem trivial. Then again, I have always had a difficult time being serious, but I do like to know what is going on in the world even if I do not blog about it. As slow as my computer is, it is nice to have someone else do all of the searching and surfing to find the real news. Yeah, we know it is the computer that is slow and not the girl.

Speaking of less serious subjects, I have a funny story for you. While visiting my mom in WF on Friday, we went to Sam’s Club. My brother met us there and took Mom with him to go find her a new (old) monitor for her computer. They checked out of Sam’s ahead of me, and we went our separate ways. Later, my brother (who is about as serious as I am) called to say that he had to take Mom back to Sam’s because she had forgotten her Sam’s card. He waited for her outside, keeping the car cool while she ran in to get her card. He said he noticed a vehicle similar to his parked in front of Sam’s also. Sure enough, when Mom came out of the store, she headed to the wrong vehicle. My brother honked his horn to no avail. Mom got in the car with a strange man. The man said, "You are getting into the wrong car!" My mom looked up and was just aghast, but she started laughing. Then she said to the stranger, "Well, you are better looking than the man I came with!" The man started laughing too, and said, "Well, you look a lot like the lady that I sent inside the store." Of course, Pete was LOL – probably could not see to drive with the tears in his eyes. And now you know where Pete and I get our seriousness – from Dad – certainly not Mom.


Buck Pennington said...

Wow, Lou, your Mom is a CARD! LOL!

It's your connection and not the computer, right? Coz it certainly ain't the girl!

And thanks for the kind words and the link!

Laurie said...

LOL! Thanks for the laugh.