Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Art Girls Again

Normally, Toby gets up at 5:30 AM, but today, he left the house at 5:30. Being a morning person, I don’t mind getting up with him. All’s quiet and I can drink all of the coffee before Jesse gets up. Toby has some sort of breakfast – work related. He is taking some sort of leadership class that started yesterday. He said the speaker started off by asking if anyone knew where Old Glory, TX, was. Yep, been there, too. He said the speaker also spoke about Rick Rescorla, which I thought was interesting. Rescorla was definitely a leader and a hero. Google him if you have never heard his story.

Eight young ladies came to my art class yesterday. These are my high school girls who have been with me for a few years. It was a bit hectic at first – like the first day of school, but I got everyone settled and working. It is such a big class that there is rarely time for me to paint. I just hop from one girl to the next – pastel to oil to acrylic to pencil. This year I want to encourage them to paint their own work rather than copying famous paintings – although that is not a bad thing. They need to plan and execute their own work more often. They need to learn to see paintings in everyday life. Half of being an artist is seeing. I read to them the article on Duane Keiser and his Painting a Day blog and encouraged them to at least draw every day. I had bought several small sketchpads at Hobby Lobby (big sale this week) and told the girls they could have one if they did not already have a sketchpad. All of the pads were taken – so I must have encouraged them somewhat. Now I need to go back to Hobby Lobby for more sketchpads. I think I need more paint too. Toby says I keep HL in business. My new students will start next week. I have about five brand new students. This class will have three young men. My classes started out with only girls until one of the guys was brave enough to join us. Since then, I have had a few more boys – I like that.

The next big project in my life is an art show that is put on by the Duncan Art Guild in October. I am in charge of the Youth Show. Because entry forms have to be in by Sept. 15th, I have to get them to the schools ASAP. There is not much work involved until right before the show. Then I am matting and framing and pushing my students to finish on time. I will also enter the adult competition meaning I need to get my act together too. My art students love the show or I probably would not bother with it. Sometimes dealing with the Art Guild is like dealing with a bunch of old biddies. For a group of artists, they are the most anal group of people I have ever met. Well, that might be an exaggeration, but still they could relax and be more accommodating.
I did not want to do or think politics today. I think I need to relax more, myself.


Becky said...

OH, I can't even begin to tell you how envious I am that you have a Hobby Lobby within driving distance! There is one in Memphis, Tn, but that is about a 2 hour drive. So I end up ordering most of my art stuff from Dick Blick ( I love sketch pads. So fresh, with endless I'm going to have to go place an order. :)

Bag Blog said...

I order from Dick Blick sometimes or Jerry's or Cheap Joe's - who ever has the lowest prices or what I need. I love sketchpads too. I have been known to lay my face on them. The possibilites seem endless with a sheet of white paper in front of you.

sunguh5307 said...

Duane Keiser is a good guy, he gets that discipline from his Dad. We have some of his work here at home. Funny, the links of the Web!

sunguh5307 said...

Scratch the previous comment- don't let my admiration for his father cloud appreciation of Duane's accomplishments which speak for themselves.