Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Barker Brothers

My computer is giving me some problems today. Besides bumping me off numerous times, it would not let me post this picture, but I kept at it - trying new things. I am still not sure it will show up very well. This is a picture taken back in 1989 at my cousin's wedding in College Station (yep, I come from bunch of aggies). These are the Barker Brothers - My Uncle Eli, my dad, and my Uncle Bobby. My uncles are all that is left of the Barker children. Both live in South Texas. Uncle Eli is a retired engineer. Uncle Bobby is a retired LTC. My Dad died last December. He was a school teacher. Uncle Eli was the sweet one while my dad and Uncle Bob were the wild ones. Can you see it in their eyes?


inpassing said...

The picture is pretty small and you can't click on it to make it any bigger.

Bag Blog said...

I realized that the picture was a problem after I posted it. I just did not know what to do to fix the problem. I had already zoomed on it. I think I need a new computer - one where I can hook my camera to it and download the pictures rather than having to use Jesse's puter.