Monday, August 07, 2006


My baby sister just called. She caught me at a bad time. I told her I was entering checks into the computer and having a hard time with the program. She said, "Do you pay the bills?" She asked it with such incredulousness in her voice, that I was taken back for a moment. Does she think that I am mathematically challenged? Does she think me incapable of paying bills? "No, I am not paying bills. I am just entering them into the computer, but I could pay ‘em if I wanted too!" I know she was thinking, "but your husband is an accountant. You are an artist." "Look here!" I said. "I don’t have the market cornered on procrastination. Don’t mess we me. I’m a woman on the edge, and I am looking for a fight." She said her husband was presently working on their computer because she had pulled all of the cords out of it to move it and rearrange things and now it did not work. About that time, her husband came in and said that she was not to take the computer apart again – that she had things plugged into the wrong holes. I said, "You mean they have to go in specific holes? She giggled and said, "I guess so! I have been banned from the plugs." Hmm, maybe I could get banned from entering checks…

August is a tough month for me. It is the heat. By August, I am just tired of the heat. I am ready for a change. It is probably not a good time to make decisions about my life, because maybe I don't really know what I want - I just want out of the heat. This year I seem to be doing pretty good. I am ready for my art classes to start back. With all of my reunions out of the way and my jewelry party over with, I feel free. Free at last and ready for a change.

With Jesse going to work for Halliburton, I know there will be some changes around here. She has been my running buddy for a long time. Slowly, she has let me work into this next change. By working her small jobs, I have gotten use to her being gone more. Now, it will just be more permenant. She will not be as free to come and go from her work. She will have vacation time. She will have an income. Change is good. We went shopping over the weekend to find her some "professional" clothes. It was a good time - she actually liked some of the things I picked out - that is a sure sign of maturity and change :)

I read an article in my "Artist Magazine" about a man who did a painting a day and showed them on his website. Hmm, that is interesting. Could I keep up with a painting a day? It would definitely be a change in my routine. First, I got to get all of these stupid checks entered - then I will be free to paint. Oh no, that sounds like I am procrastinating already. I quit my aerobics class so that I will have more time to do the things I want - I just have to decide what I want - what I am willing to do. Change my lifestyle - that is the ticket!


Bo said...

I'd start with one a month or one a week. A painting a day would be too much like work.

Becky said...

I tried to do a sketch a day for a while. That is the whole reason I started my blog. The hardest part for me was finding things to sketch. I'm not to the point where I can sketch from imagination, so I need a reference photo. Finding sketchable photos was a challenge.