Thursday, August 03, 2006

New Trick

The high temperatures here in OK have called for drastic measures. Toby has decided that it would be cooler if we sleep with our heads at the foot of the bed. Being a good wife, I have submitted to this request without too much argument. But let me tell you, it has confused the heck out of our rat terrier that normally sleeps at the foot of our bed. The first night when we moved the pillows to the foot of the bed, Ranger, the rat terrier, just snuggled down in the pillows as if to say, "Thanks, guys, I needed pillows." He was rather hurt when he got shoved to the foot (head) of the bed. Last night, he just sat by my side of the bed, occasionally poking me with his cold nose and whining. Due to Toby’s poor hearing, the dog knows it would be useless to whine on Toby’s side of the bed. If Toby did hear him whine, it would probably lead to a swift swat. No, the dog knows who is the soft touch in the family. I finally had to get up and pick the dog up and put him at the appropriate end of the bed and sooth his distressed feelings (while Toby began to snore).

I have to admit that it is cooler at this end of the bed. Due to a miscalculation when building our home, the ceiling fan is not directly over the bed, but closer to the footboard. Although it is cooler, I am not sleeping well, and I am having weird dreams. We just flipped over to the other end of the bed, but now I am on the wrong side of the bed. I don’t want to be an "old woman who is set in her ways", but this is throwing me somewhat. Toby has taken his usual spot (the middle of the bed) and seems to be sleeping peacefully. I seem to be bumping into his arms and legs when I turn on my side, which makes me have to turn to my other side. That’s not right! Now I have to flop around like a floundering fish (more that I usually do). And still, he sleeps.

I was sleeping like a log when Toby brought me my coffee this morning. I guess I can get use to this end and side of the bed. I can deal with the weird dreams. If I am dreaming that means I am asleep - and that is good. The dog is still confused and is sleeping-in this morning. He looks pretty comfy. Maybe I will join him in a morning nap – at least until us old dogs learn this new trick.

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inpassing said...

OMG that would really mess me up especially since the head of our bed is elevated (reflux). That would not only make me sleep on the wrong side of the bed and backwards...but upside down!! Perhaps you could move the ceiling fan...