Friday, August 18, 2006

Picture of the Week 2

At art yesterday, I worked on another small watercolor. This one is 8"x4". I painted it from a photo that I took while in Italy several years ago. I need to figure out how to best take the picture of my art work. Watercolor often looks better from afar. It also looks better matted and under glass. These, of course, are just the bare picture taken in sunlight on the kitchen table.

Last night Jesse and I went to the Art Guild meeting. Dull as dirt! My friend Susan, whom I call Trixie, was there, and we did manage to giggle enough to get called down like jr. high kids. Even Jesse got in trouble for shaking her head trying to get something out of her hair. You would think that artists would be more fun, but these people take themselves way too serious. So, I guess, I will continue to attend and cause as much trouble as I can. Rock the boat...

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Becky said...

Beautiful painting. We used to have an art guild tha met once a month. Unfortunately they met at the same time as my karate class, and they didn't always meet in the same place. Sometimes the meetings would be a hour drive away. I just couldn't do that on a school night. If they'd met at the same place here in town every month, I might have gone more.