Wednesday, August 30, 2006


This morning I got a call from some guy wanting to buy our '92 Honda Accord. Toby and I had discussed selling it, but I did not know that Toby had stuck a sign on it. He still drives it to work now and then because it runs great. Being a five speed, it is fun to drive. The problem is that we each have a vehicle (that makes three not counting the Honda). It is just an extra car to have to pay taxes on and take care of. Although it is very acceptable here in OK to have several old cars in your driveway, yard, garage, around the farm, etc, we try to keep our junkers to a minimum. We sold the old Dodge truck and traded the old Ford truck for a new Nissan earlier this summer. I am not sure if the old tractor and old bulldozer count as vehicles to litter your farm. Then there is the horse trailer, the flatbed trailer, the welding trailer, and the four-wheeler strewn about - do they count as junkers? I won't mention all of the rusting farm equipment like plows and planters and feeders. Jesse took pictures of our place when she flew over last spring. Sure enough, there is lots of junk. Maybe we should sell the Honda, but it has been such a fun little car. Although it started out as my car to drive to town and run errands, both Bo and Jesse have driven it to college. Even after Bo married, he used it off and on. Someone even tried to steal it from his apartment in OK City. All of the covering is pulled off from around the steering wheel where the thieves tried to jump start it. Jesse liked the way it looked - very mechanical - so we left the covering off. I have taught several of nephews and friends to drive the little five speed using our country roads. Selling old cars is hard on me. There are just lots of memories in the Honda. And yet, there is a time to let go. If you don't, you start looking a bit junky or Okie.

This picture was taken last spring when the pond was still fairly full of water. That is the house at the end of the driveway with all of the smaller dots (rust and piles). Above the house is the cement slab poured for our future barn (to hide some of the junk and rust and piles).

I am headed to a Pampered Chef party today at my friend, Beverly's. I don't really need the kitchen gadgets, but I know the company will be good, and they will probably serve lunch.


Buck Pennington said...

Nice spread, Lou. Your pond looks more like a mini-lake to me. But then, I'm much more of a city-boy than anything else, so what do I know!?!

I think the old-cars-on-the-ranch/farm may be an American thing. I see a lot of it here in NM, too, and have seen it all over the south and southwest. Not so much up in Michigan, Indiana, and so on, so maybe it's a southern sort of thing...I dunno!

Bag Blog said...

Buck, it is a good size pond, but you would be amazed at how low it is right now. I will try and get a picture of it sometime today to post. Our horses are kept in a pasture with an electric fence that runs down to the edge of the pond. This has easily kept them contained for the last year, but now the horses are easily able to walk around the fence because the pond is so low. And they did so yesterday - bad horses.