Friday, September 15, 2006

Picture of the Week 6

I painted this from a photo that someone took and posted on the internet. I would like to give them credit for the wonderful picture, but I cannot remember where I found it. The Marine smelling a letter from home was just an awesome photo, and I wanted to try painting it. If someone knows where I found the photo, please help me out. Jesse ran off with the camera (it is great to have someone to blame things on) this morning. At first, I thought I would not be able to post my picture. Then I remembered the scanner - duh. Although the printer/scanner is hooked up to her computer which is not hooked up to mine, it worked pretty well. It just took some disk work to move it around. Yesterday was a busy art day. On a normal Thursday art, I have anywhere from two girls to five. Yesterday, I had seven girls. It was difficult for me to sit and paint too, but I got 'er done.


Buck said...

Quite good, Lou! Are you trying to give Mr. Fay a run for his money?


Laurie said...

This is beautiful. I know I have seen that picture too, going around the net and in troop support things. It may have been a media photo, or maybe one the military released. I'll poke around and see if I can find the source.

Bag Blog said...

Mr. Fay is my hero. Not only is he an artist, but he can write, and he is a warrior. I wanna be like him. One of my other heroes is a lady named Ozete. She is 90+ years old and still doing art - sharp as a tack and an amazing woman!

Buck said...

Not only is he an artist, but he can write, and he is a warrior. I wanna be like him.

Best as I can tell, you are most certainly like him, Lou. You have two of the three bases covered, and as for the third? The Japanese celebrate a "warrior spirit," and the existence of that spirit is not limited to males or to combatants. Once again, as far as I can tell: you qualify.

Bag Blog said...

Thanks for the kind comments. You get a big hug:) When you look up the meaning of my name, Lou, it usually says something like "war maiden" which my husband thinks is right-on.