Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Simple Life

I am late in blogging today. My computer bumped me off several times this morning making me fairly frustrated. Finally, I gave up and went shopping. Hobby Lobby was having a sale on frames and art paper – it was calling my name. I made it to Lawton and back by lunch, picked up some subs, and met Toby and Jesse at the park. We made a round on the walking path at the park before T and J went back to work and I went to Wal-Mart. Yeha! I also went to the bank (someone has to pay for those art supplies) and to the post office to mail a package to my soldier. Sending packages to my soldier always makes me feel like I accomplished something important. I also stopped by the art gallery where Jesse used to work. I took several of Jesse’s paintings in to Janice (the owner) and had her help me decide if Jesse should put them in the up-coming art show. I think everything Jesse does is pretty good, but I am her mother. Jesse does not seem to think her paintings are good enough. They may not be what the judge will like and win prizes, but they are what the people will like and could possible sell. I just think it is important to participate and make your name known in the community. It is just fun to have artwork at the show when they have the opening night – wine and cheese event. Janice and I decided to put in four of her paintings – don’t tell Jesse.

Lately, it seems that I have done more writing on other people’s blogs than I have my own. It could mean my life is rather dull right now, or it could mean I have other irons in the fire. I like to think it is the latter. I missed the first episode of "Dancing with the Stars" (now you know my life is dull) because I went to another Pampered Chef party. I wanted the deluxe cheese grater – priorities. Tomorrow night is another Premier Jewelry party, but "Survivor" may be starting – decisions. It would probably be best if I did not get started on reality TV. Although I truly do not watch a lot of TV, I am easily hooked. Maybe I should think more about my blog and what I want to write. Any suggestions?

Buck asked about our memories of 911, and then asked where we were when JFK was killed (I was a baby of course). You can read my answers on his blog comments. Mike Fay posted a picture of his muse - a cat. Being a tough Marine, he probably would not seem the type to have a cat. Personally, I cannot imagine life without a cat or dog. I have always been know to bring home critters. It was critical for me to marry a man who would love cats, dogs, goats...I often tell my art girls not to marry a man who does not let you have a cat or will not eat Mexican food (long story). You got to marry a man who will buy your chairs (from the movie "Phenomenon"). Anyone else needing advice on who to marry may write me :)


Buck said...

Thanks for the link, Lou. EIP got five referral visits from your link yesterday, and that's pretty cool!

I cannot imagine life without a cat or dog.

This year makes nine years I've lived without a dog. Nine long years. Like you, I found it hard to imagine life without a dog, but I've changed my mind. Living in a very small space will do that...

Laurie said...

"Sending packages to my soldier always makes me feel like I accomplished something important."

It's HUGELY important! We just forget because we may not be getting any feedback.