Monday, September 18, 2006

The Weekend

It got rather warm here in OK on Friday and Saturday. Since our air-conditioner is out, it got miserable by Saturday afternoon. Our weekend plans had been to pick up Mom in WF on Sunday morning to take her with us to a family gathering in the Dallas area. We decided to head down to WF a little early and spend the night with Mom in her air-conditioned home. It worked out well. We did some shopping and had dinner with Mom and my brother and his family at a funky Mexican food place near Sheppard AFB. Great food and great company!

Sunday morning we woke up to booms of thunder and lots of rain, which we were expecting on Monday, but not Sunday. It made the drive through traffic in Dallas very interesting. Thank God it was Sunday and traffic was light. Being from Duncan, OK, it was more traffic than we normally see in a month. We made it to the northeast side of Dallas with no mishaps, but my hair was wild (was it the traffic or the rain?). We gathered at my cousin’s home to see his son and his son’s new wife. This is my Marine cousin, Jim and his new wife, Ariel. Jim will be deploying for a year to Iraq near the first of October. It was a good gathering. I tried to talk to Jim about blogging, but he seems to have doubts. He did give me permission to post his emails. He is quite a wonderful guy – a bit of a Dudley Doright type. Keep them in your prayers.

Today, I am taking my cow-dog to the vet. Yeha. There could be a story in this. Rita (named for Rita Baloo in the Guy Clark song) does not normally ride in a car. It could be worse. At least I am not hauling a cow to the vet. Last week it was a horse, but horses load in a trailer usually fairly easily (but not when you are in a hurry). My trailer backing abilities are lacking, but the vet gets a kick out of it. The stories I could tell…hmm, maybe another time.

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