Thursday, October 26, 2006

Wichita Mountians

Here is a picture of some kids playing at Camp Y'shua in the Wichita Mountains last year at camp. You can see the lodge in the background. Obviously, the mountains are not anything like the Rockies, but for OK, they are certainly interesting. The mountain pictured is part of the Wildlife Reserve which has buffalo, elk, and longhorns among the usual animals. The Wichitas are also home to Ft. Sill training grounds. I live over an hour away and can hear the big guns booming in war games. During the summer we often go to Lake Elmer Thomas Recreation Center, which is on Ft. Sill, to kayak or swim. There is the cobblestone town of Medicine Park on a little river - it is quite funky. My art girls took me there on my birthday last year for lunch and plein aire painting. Mount Scott is the tallest mountain in the Wichitas. You can actually drive to the top. It is not Pike's Peak, but hey, this is OK. There is also a little town of Meers which is basically one restaurant that serves longhorn burgers and is even more funky that Medicine Park. When you pull into their parking lot, you will find cars with license plates from all over the country. In the ten years that we have lived in OK, this area has really boomed (pun intended). As Ft. Sill grows, I think this area will continue to grow too. Last spring, I blogged about Jesse visiting Quartz Mountain Resort. Although this resort is closer to Altus, it is also part of the Wichitas and is quite beautiful.

We are looking forward to our weekend at camp with the fall colors and cool weather. It is also nice that we only live an hour away and can make it home if the weather turns bad. It is suppose to be a good weather weekend, and for that, I am thankful. I have lots to do today to get ready. I better get in gear and go.


Dale Rowland said...

Quartz Mountain Resort......that's where we took our senior trip! One night in the lodge.'s all a blurr.

My SR year was not one of my best I might add. Thank God for a man that told me that it was time for me to start growing up, get my act together and start setting goals for my life. Lou, I think you know who that man was!

Anonymous said...

Have fun, Lou...and take lotsa pictures!


Bag Blog said...

Whoohoo Quartz Mountain! You Electra boys were wild!