Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I apologize for not posting yesterday. Sunday night I drove to The City to spend the night with the Grand Baby. I stayed all day Monday with the Blonde Tornado and got home Monday night. Yesterday was spent catching up and having art classes. I was hoping the cleaning fairies would show up and clean my house while I was gone, but maybe I should hire elves. Those fairies are just falling down on the job. I voted early yesterday and ran several errands in town before picking up one of my art students and heading home for an afternoon of art. Today will be a similar day. I feel like I am running to catch up.

In my optimism I commented at Buck’s that I thought the Republicans would hang on to the House. I was wrong. I apologize. I really thought that the conservatives would hang on. I am not sure what that means for the future, but I am forever the optimist. It seems odd to me that just two years ago Americans voted Republican. Reps were saying it was the voice of America speaking out for conservative issues. Now the MSM is saying it again - only this time it is for Democrats. So what does it really say for Americans? Maybe it says we want our representatives to vote the issues and not the Party line. Maybe we want our represtenatives work together. While watching Good Morning America this morning, they reported that 57% of people disapprove of the war. What does that mean exactly? No one "likes" war. No one wants to be in a war. My mother says she hates the war, hates that young people are being killed, but she does not see any way to avoid war right now. She does not think we should cut and run. Are other Americans saying "I disapprove of the war, but we can’t pull out now?" Polls are misleading in that they only ask simple questions without any room for explanations. Was that a deciding issue? Maybe more young people voted this time, and we know they are brainwashed by the liberal education system :)

Obviously, I don’t have the answers. This morning I feel much like I did when Clinton won a second term – kind of sick to my stomach. As the optimist, I still think that not much will change. I have a hope for mankind and the American Way. No matter who governs our America, I am part of another nation, and the kingdom of God is forever – Peace, Love, and Joy.

I need to hang some clothes on the line and mat some art - life goes on.


Anonymous said...

This morning I feel much like I did when Clinton won a second term – kind of sick to my stomach.

I've only been up for about 30 minutes, what with staying up until the wee, wee hours watching the returns and the talking heads. I feel much the same way.

And just this instant, Fox News reports Rumsfeld is resigning. Don't know exactly what to make of that, but my gut feel is it ain't good.


Anonymous said...

I guess now the democrats will get to enjoy the pleasures a nd frustrations of the filibuster and the power of the VETO!

Becky said...

That is IF the president starts vetoing. So far, his veto pen has hung in its holster. I think he's vetoed one bill so far in this past 6 years.