Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Soldier Picture

Several weeks ago, my Painting of the Week was of a soldier smelling a letter from home. I painted it from a photo that I found somewhere on the internet, but I could not remember where I found it. Today, Laurie found the photographer and the photo. The photo was taken by Cheryl Diaz Meyer of the Dallas Morning News. You can see the actual photo here. It is a great photo. Ms. Meyer did and incredible job.

Just something else on my mind: I may switch to beta blogger (blogger beta?). If I do and you have trouble commenting...well, you are on your own. When some others made the switch, I had to comment using "other" rather than my blogger account. Lately, though, I do not have to use "other". I can use my blog name. We will see what happens.

One other interesting item: it is so windy here today, that the wind blew my freezer door open (the freezer is a large upright that stands outside in our carport) and pulled the whole freezer away from the wall. I saw my dog out in the yard eating some ground pork. If the wind dies down, I will have to go to the south fence and collect all sorts of junk that has blown off of my carport. Who knows, maybe I will find a steak.


Laurie said...

I was excited to see the photo :)

I think that issue with the beta was fixed. There is a link on the help files or something which reports problems and found and which ones have been fixed.

The wind blew in from Portales, apparently.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Portales winds hit here about midnight and caused a big ruckus!

I loved seeing the pics again!

Anonymous said...

Laurie's correct, that issue was fixed a couple of weeks ago. This site has lotsa good info on Blogger and Blogger-Beta. I'm glad I made the switch, Lou. Posting is much, much faster, as is uploading pics.

And thanks for the links!

Anonymous said...

That is a fantastic photo.

I'm also glad I made the switch to beta blogger. It is much faster, as Buck said. The only issue I have with it is that I have to log in every time I want to do something. It won't remember my log in info.

inpassing said...

If you change, send me a link to your new site.

Laurie said...

Changing to Beta won't change the address of the site.

Another trick I have learned for the photo uploading problems is get a free photobucket account, upload your pics there (which is super fast), then use the "link" button on blogger instead of the "browse" for the pic on your computer. It's an extra step, but when blogger is stalled out it's faster than waiting while it's hung up.

I'm hesitant to change over to Beta until I know that it won't toast all the changes and add-ons that I've done to my template. I've put in quite a bit of work. Haven't had time to investigate what the change might affect.

Becky said...

Laurie, switching to beta won't change your template unless you chose to do so.

Laurie said...

Becky, thanks. I know it won't change the main template. I'm just concerned that the change will FUBAR some of the things that I added hacks for. Like the tags with Since the beta has it's own tagging function, it might make what I have not work. I need to find out from other bloggers using the same hack if they have upgraded to Beta and if that affected their code. I like the tagging because that allows technorati to pick up my posts immediately. i.e. Not just blogging in the blogspot vaccuum any longer.