Friday, December 29, 2006


My family is really not very good with birthdays and such. We are doing good just to remember someone’s birthday on the right day. Oh, we might remember a week before or maybe the day before, but The Day is difficult to remember. We rarely remember to get a card in the mail much less a package. Through the years it has become a family rivalry to remember a birthday and actually call on the right day and be the earliest to call.

Today is my mom’s birthday. I believe she is 75 today. Last night I called her – not to wish her a happy birthday, but to find out what she was doing today and talk about my coming over to see her. She said she was doing her usual routine – exercise at the Sr. Zone, breakfast at McDonalds, and lunch with her friends. She said that I could come have lunch with her and the girls. We made a plan, but then she said, "Well, sometimes on Tuesdays we do not have breakfast at McDonalds." I told her, "Not a problem since tomorrow was Friday, and Mom, it is your birthday." We both started laughing. Of course, she knew it was her birthday, but having been on vacation to RR, she was confused about the day or was thinking about something else. The really funny part is that I get more like her every day. I love the chance to razz her – maybe call her "Aunt Mildred" (family joke).

Then Mom said, "Well Pete already called me." Doesn’t matter! Doesn’t count! The birthday call must be on the birthday. Nana nana, Pete, I already called Mom this morning (victory dance)!


OPB said...

I'm still Mom's favorite!

inpassing said... crack me up. I think it's because I can see your eyea twinkling with oneriness even through the blog.