Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Blogger Friends

When I look back at my first posts over a year ago, I had very few comments – very few readers. That was okay with me because I was just intrigued with writing a blog and putting down my personal stories and views. While we were building our house, my blogs were very funny stories about my family, but very few people read them. My little brother said he loved my funny stories, but not my personal views on politics and religion (It is just like a Barker to only want to read the fun stuff). I enjoyed reading all sorts of blogs especially the miliblogs, but I liked reading about other people’s lives and views. As I left comments on other blogs, I came to know other bloggers and made good friends.

Sometimes I have given my blogsite to someone, and they never said another word about my blog. I assumed they did not read my blog, because I did not hear from them. Some email me with comments, but do not have an account with blogger. I have given my blogsite to some good friends who never read my site. That is okay with me. Some read my blog for a little while and maybe got bored or disagreed with my views and quit reading it. That is okay with me too. My blog is mostly fluff and stuff – not the serious news stuff that others write – so it is not really exciting. After almost two years of writing this blog, my cousin (the Marine’s mom) asked me, "What is a blog?" In October when the reporter was interviewing me about my art, she asked me what else I liked to do. I told her several times, "I have a blog." She totally ignored me, did not ask me anything about my blog, and never mentioned it in her article. I assume that she did not really understand blogging. Maybe not understanding blogs is the reason other friends do not read my blog.

This blog has been a way of keeping up with old friends and meeting new ones. I absolutely love it. I know I have a small following of friends and family and new blogger friends who read my posts, but it just floors me when I discover someone reading my blog that I never knew was doing so. Yesterday, I posted that I needed snail-mail addresses so that I could send out Christmas cards hoping that my loyal readers would send me their addresses. I was very pleasantly surprised when I got an email from my good friend, Annette, in Red River with her address wanting a Christmas card. I mentioned Annette’s husband a few posts back when I mentioned working in RR at Texas Red’s Steak House and Bill Gill putting us through college. Last summer while I was in RR for my family reunion, I was having a fairly rough time of things trying to make the reunion run smoothly. I had an old friend chew me out and threaten to kill my little rat terrier and another old friend act like she had no time for me. These ladies had been friends since childhood and I was hurt. Then I went to Annette’s house, which is a beautiful log cabin overlooking the town of RR. I spent over two hours just visiting with Annette, who made me feel like I was someone special and that she was glad to see me. It was the best two hours spent with anyone in RR in a long time. I gave Annette my blogsite, but I never knew she was reading me. Thanks Annette, you are a special lady.

On a different note all together, I have some sad news. Last week, my cousin wrote that her Marine son, Capt. Jim in Ramadi, was very upset with the death of a close friend. Then she told me that the close friend was Major Megan McClung. Megan was the fiancée of one of Jim’s groomsmen in his wedding last July. Read Michael Fumento for a little more info on Major McClung. She must have been someone very special. There was also a bit about her on ABC News last night. My heart goes out to her family, her friends, and her fiancée.


Dale said...

I'm glad I found you after all of these years! I try to read your blog on a daily basis and although I don't remark on all of them I do enjoy reading them. Of course through your blog I have met Buck and Becky and I'm seriously thinking of creating a blog of my own. My stumbling block to doing that is whether or not I could keep up with a daily post, which I think is important to a successful blog. Anyway, keep up the great work and keep blogging your little heart out!!

Buck Pennington said...

My stumbling block to doing that is whether or not I could keep up with a daily post, which I think is important to a successful blog.

I guess it all depends on how you define success, Dale. Posting everyday really isn't a neccessity, but I generally agree with your point. I have the time to post everyday and usually do. But then, I don't have a job and other responsibilities, like a family. I'm amazed at those folks who do have a life and still manage to keep their blogs up!

All that said: I'll read if you write!!

Lou...your blogging experience and mine are quite similar. I originally started my blog to "keep in touch" with old friends and as a diary/repository for old war stories. What it acutually turned into is quite different than what I intended. I'm surprised, amazed, and thankful for the new friends I've made!

Laurie said...

I started blogging as a way to keep angels in NY informed about what is going on, newsletter style. But I soon realized I'd have to e-mail them anyway to tell them to read the site, defeating the purpose. LOL! So it has turned into something a little different for me as well. The last several days have been so busy, haven't had time to think about blogging much :( Sorry to hear about your cousin's friend :(

Becky said...

Lou, I found your blog through Buck's and I'm so glad I did. I treasure our friendship as much as those I see in person every day. I do read your blog every day, even though I don't comment every day.

Dale: If you write it, I'll read it.

Bag Blog said...

Same goes for me, Becky. I loved it when Dale found out that his kids had been in band competition with Grenada bands. I loved it when he found out he and Buck had been stationed in some of the same places. I loved it when Laurie showed pictures of NY and Buck had been to those places. I love when Buck posts about Portales - having been in Portales many times myself. It has become a smaller world.

Dale, I third it - if you write, we will read.