Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Catching Up after Christmas

We got home from Electra about 10:30 last night. Toby’s sisters both live in Electra. The oldest sister has a beautiful home where we usually gather. She is the hospital administrator, and her husband has a small oil company. His other sister works for a windmill company (those giant windmills that produce electricity). Although she has a home in Electra, the windmill company is based out of Austin. She spends a large amount of time traveling for the company. Both sisters are lots of fun and great cooks. They cook a gourmet meal every Christmas serving beef tenderloin grilled on mesquite wood. It is definitely yummy. We play Dirty Santa, which can be fun or Not. This year it was not. I got the gag gift (donkey mask) which I did not think was so funny. Jesse got a belt buckle flask, which she was not too pleased over either. All the guys thought the flask was great, but not great enough to take it from her so that she could get another gift. They told her that the flask was a man magnet guaranteed to get her a husband before next Christmas. She was still not pleased. When one of the cousins offered her five dollars (which she had lost at poker) for the flask, she took the money and was much happier.

Jesse went to work this morning. Toby took today and tomorrow off so that we could work on the barn. Today was a pretty nice day, and we got some work done. When Toby is home it is hard for me to catch any computer time without catching some flack. While he did some welding, I managed to catch up on some house cleaning. I tried to post a blog earlier, but I lost the whole thing – frustrating. I talked to my daughter-in-law and made a plan for the up-coming grandbaby. Sara goes off her medication to stop contractions (contractions have been happening, but the baby was not big enough to enter the world yet) on Thursday. Once she goes of the meds, the contractions could start. We could have a new baby any time after that. Sara thinks we will have the baby by this weekend. Pretty exciting! Sara’s mom (Inpassing) will be in OK City to wait on the baby. I will head up to the City as soon as I get word that the baby is on its way. My job will be to watch the Grand Baby until the new baby arrives. Speaking of the Grand Baby, she called Christmas morning to say “Chris Merry.” Then she said her ABC’s for me. Isn’t she is the smartest, most exceptional grandbaby?

Here is a picture from my Marine cousin in Ramadi.


Buck Pennington said...

How does one play Dirty Santa? I've never heard of that...

Did you keep the mask? :-)

Dale said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast and ate very well. You'll just need to re-gift the donkey mask for next year. Jesse should have held out for at least $10 on the flask.

Seeing those pictures from your Marine cousin just reminded me of how lonely Christmas of 93 was for me when I was away from my family. No matter what was going on, on the base or around me it just didn't replace being with family. Now more then ever we need to remember those young men and women away from their loved ones this season. May the Lord continue to protect them and bring them safely home.

Laurie said...

Thanks for sharing the picture. It does look a little lonely. But I notice the stockings are hung right with their other most important pieces of equipment. Sorry you got stuck with the gag gift.... but if you keep it, it might be handy to use for something. (Even if just to get back at somebody for something). I'm sure with your sense of humor and that slight bent for mischief you will come up with something ;) LOL! And it will make a funny story to blog.

And Buck, here is how to play Dirty Santa... click

Laurie said...

p.s. - If you write your blog post in Word or Notepad, then you won't lose the main of your posts, the text anyway. Then you just have to copy/paste and go back to add in the links and photos again if blogger burps.

Bag Blog said...

In Dirty Santa everyone brings a gift. All of the gifts are placed together. Gifts and participants are counted and we draw numbers to see who goes first, second,third,etc. Number one draws first and opens a gift. Number two can take no. one's gift or open a new gift. If the gift is taken, no. one gets to choose and open a new gift. This continues with the later numbers able to take whatever gift or open new gifts. Having a higher number is best. No. one usually gets the shaft.

Some years the gifts have been lots of fun. Sometimes they are just stupid (like the mask). Last year everyone was suppose to bring a home-made gift. My family all brought wonderful home-made gifts, but no one else did - really irked me. So getting the stupid donkey mask really irked me again. Although I could re-gift the donkey mask, as has been done before, I just would not do that to anyone, nor did I want it. I left it.

Laurie, you are probably right, I could have done something more "thoughful" with the donkey mask.

Actually, I did type my blog in Word yesterday, but I still managed to lose it when I tried to go to another file and retrieve something to add to my post in progress. POOF!

Dale said...

Yeah Buck, don't get "Dirty Santa" confussed with "Naughty Santa"! LOL!!

Buck Pennington said...

Thanks for the explanations, all y'all. Sounds like fun...I think!