Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dreams and Stuff

Last night I dreamed I was trying out for cheerleader. There was an interview part to the tryouts wearing a formal dress. Then of course there would be the jumping and hollering part of the tryouts. Lindsay was in my dream and so was Paula Bell who was actually a cheerleader at my high school. As dreams go, it was all very strange. I kept trying to jump up and touch my toes without falling on my head – while wearing my formal. Yet, I seemed to be worried about the interview and was constantly telling myself that I knew as much as those other girls. Then I realized that I needed to be wearing shorts and T-shirt for the actual tryout, not my formal, but I could not find the right shorts and shirt. I kept asking what time all of this started, and I was running late. Lindsay was trying to help me, but problems kept arising.

I’m not sure why I dreamed about cheerleading, but the dream was a typical anxiety dream – I could not get myself together, but I was about to be judged. It could be that things have been busy. It could be that I still feel like I need to be more organized in my life – diet and organization being my big problems. It could be just left over anxiety from spending the day with Mom. It definitely gave me that feeling that I could do better and I needed to get going.

Soldier Stuff
Last week, I spent a good part of my time in town searching for New Years Eve party stuff for my soldier. I thought it would be nice to send him some noisemakers, streamers and party hats – just for fun. At the Cornerstone gift store in downtown Duncan, I asked the owner if she knew of any place in town that carried such stuff. She made a suggestion, but said I would probably have to go to Lawton. I mentioned that it was for my soldier and that I needed to get it in the mail ASAP. Then she did something that surprised me. She went over to her display of Burt’s Bees items and handed me several lip balms. She said, she wanted me to put them in my package to my soldier. It was such a little thing, but she was very sincere and wanted to give something. It was a not something I had asked for, but something she did on her own. There are some really nice people out there. Just thought I would share the good stuff.

Speaking of soldiers, Tim Boggs who returned from Iraq in time for Thanksgiving, will be on the Hugh Hewitt radio show December 27th. Tim has the details of how to find the radio show in your area. It would probably be an interesting program.


OPB said...

That's funny, I had the best sleep in weeks. I think I was relaxed because of the nice easy day I had.

inpassing said...

That is too NOT funny, Pete.

Bag Blog said...

Funny Boy!