Monday, December 04, 2006

Restless in Duncan

The disorganized feeling that I had a few months ago is back. It may be because we have several unfinished projects going. It may be that I am not getting everything done that I would like to get done. Maybe there is something to that computer addiction thing discussed at Buck’s. I do spend lots of time on the computer. Maybe if I had a faster computer, I would spend less time waiting on this one. Excuses, excuses! I just need to set priorities and stick to them. In some areas of my life, such as art, I seem to be doing well. Diet and exercise are falling by the wayside. Oh well, it will all come together - Just feeling that need for things to run smoother – a little restless.

Today, I am headed over to my mom’s. She has been thinking about buying a different house – one in a better neighborhood. If you noticed the house in the post a few days ago, you will see that it is an older home in an older neighborhood. The back of the house backs up to an alley and an old abandoned shopping center. There are more than a few odd folks hanging around. Last year there was the big drug bust at the house across the street from Mom’s house. And there have been some drive-by shootings in past years on her street. She has been in this house for 30 years. So we all are use to it – sort of. We would all like to see Mom in a better area, but I think all of us are resigned to do whatever Mom wants. My cousin has offered her his mother-in-law’s house in the same neighborhood where my brother lives. That would be great, but the bad news is that the house needs lots of work. There are lots of things to consider here. I hate making big decisions, mulling over the pros and cons. Maybe it is time to discuss some of these things with Mom. Maybe it is time to poke myself in the eye.

Rider Raiders won their game against El Paso this last weekend. It looks like they may play in Lubbock next weekend. I will let you know. Speaking of football, Jesse is going to the Cowboys Vs. Saints game next weekend. She has already started the round of Christmas parties. It is a good season in her life.


Buck Pennington said...

I hate making big decisions, mulling over the pros and cons.

Hmmm. Is this contagious? I've been feeling a lot like this lately, too. Maybe it's the season. OTOH, I would worry quite a bit about your Mom, based on what you've said, Lou. Doesn't sound good. Taking on a major house renovation project(s) doesn't sound like a good alternative to me, but obviously I am commenting from a position of serious ignorance! I can see the stress here.

Dale said...

You're a "Good Daughter" and I know you'll do right by your mom. I thought your mom lived in a good neighborhood. I know things change in 30 years. Does she still live behind Channel 3? I have to agree, you do need to get her out of that neighborhood. Even when you poke yourself in the eye, the pain eventually goes away and we're all better for it.

Congrats to ROHO and your nephew! I am very jealous of Jesse going to the Cowboys-New Orleans game. Shelley and I bought our tickets to the New Years Eve game against the Lions. That's our Anniversary gift to each other, 30 years of blissful harmony.....{BIG GRIN}.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, you are actually right on about the house renovation project. Mom did not do well with having her own kitchen redone recently. She is not willing to take on another big project at this time. I am good with the decision.

Dale, Mom and Dad moved from the house out in Tanglewood, where we were living last time I saw you, right after I went off to college. That house was in a very nice neighborhood. They bought it for like $45,000 back in 1974. That house is now worth over $200,000 - it was a five bedroom, beautiful home. Oh well.