Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Blog Surfing

I did some blog surfing this morning using Acute Politics’ blogroll and comments. This soldier has been getting lots of attention and deservedly so. He is an excellent writer with an interesting viewpoint. My daughter says he is "a cute soldier" too. I found it interesting to see who was on his blogroll and see who was reading his blog. I thought of Buck and one of his recent posts when I read what one blogger had to say about Democrats and fairness. Standers Point said: "Anytime you hear a liberal Democrat use the word "fair", you can bet SOMEONE'S getting shafted."

Recently, I let some people know that Michael Yon was back in Iraq and reporting on the life of our soldiers. I have always liked Mike’s posts. He really seems to tell it like it is – good or bad. Right now some of the bad is that Joe Galloway is also posting on Mike’s site. Joe has been a hero of mine with his "We Were Soldiers", but recently I discovered that Joe is a Democrat, and have been very disappointed in some of his articles. Joe can write whatever he wants, but his liberal ranting seems very out of place on Mike’s site. People go there to read about our military and get the truth about what is happening in Iraq. Joe’s writing is much more like leftwing, I hate the President stuff. As you know, my dad was a yellow dog Democrat and my brother is liberal, hippie lawyer, and I still love them both. I will continue to love Joe, but it really bothers me to have his rants on Mike’s blog.

One big discrepancy in their articles is that Joe reports:
"As the Iraq misadventure heads toward its fifth year, everyone, including Bush, has admitted that the situation is grave and deteriorating and that constant combat deployments have stretched our Army and Marines to the breaking point."

While Mike reports:
"Yet the Marines and Army, along with some Navy and Air Force personnel, are probably stretched as thin here as the Border Patrol between the U.S. and Mexico. No matter how they spread it, our fighters simply do not have enough paint to cover the barn called Anbar. … Despite the daily combat deaths and severe wounds, morale among American and Iraqi forces seemed to range from good to high…. I sensed that overall morale was strong" >
He goes on to describe some serious incidents, but says the soldiers still have humor and that "it’s actually a sign of healthy soldiers."

Personally, I think that Joe needs his own blog. Just sayin’.

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Buck Pennington said...

Personally, I think that Joe needs his own blog. Just sayin’.

I'll second THAT!! I just get SO tired of Bush Derangement can wear one down after a while.

I got my water back! Just out of the shower and feelin' GOOD! :-)